Let us love wisely


I direct my words to the parents whose children are 4-9 and more years old. You are young parents. In your homes you have the greatest treasures - your children. They are growing and being brought up before your eyes and every day they become wiser, more mature and better partners. They ask you questions - sometimes these are easy questions, sometimes difficult - and they expect true, based on adult authority, answers. Well, several years ago Moje Pismo Tecza (My Magazine Rainbow) was launched, first as a monthly and then as a bimonthly. The magazine was proposed by our French friends who initiated a magazine for families. They wanted help how to bring up their kids in religious atmosphere. The intention of the French editors of Rainbow (Mon Journal arc-en-ciel) impressed us very much. Since there are also many young Polish families who do not know how to speak about God with their children. A child needs some concrete religious knowledge given by their parents or educators. But a child also needs a suitable way to present this knowledge, adjusted to its level of growth. Teachers of religious instruction have similar problems when they face concrete questions about religion. Therefore, it was with real joy that we have established co-operation with the French editors and our project evoked a good response from parents, grandparents, catechists and those who are first of all interested in our beautifully coloured magazine - our young readers.
Today our French friends closed their Mon Journal arc-en-ciel. We would like our Tecza to continue. Therefore, we are going to edit the magazine ourselves. Now Tecza will be directed only to Polish children. We will try to solve the problems of Polish families and take into account the Polish character of childlike religiousness.
For now the magazine will appear as a bimonthly, with time we may manage to speed up its publishing cycle.
We would like to encourage as many catechists as possible to contribute to Tecza. We are open to contacts with priests whom we ask to get to know the spirit of Tecza so that we can publish a periodical that Polish children welcome with joy. Our desire is to bring children closer to Lord Jesus, to the values of our faith and tradition, which are so dear to us all. I want to turn your attention to that fact that we all must be concerned with deepened religious lives of our children. This period of child's growth is very important for the adult life. At the age of 5, 6 and 7 many important and valuable future interests are developed in the child's consciousness. If we manage to inspire love for God, the Eucharist, the Holy Scriptures, the Church and respect for God's commandments, we, Christians, have fulfilled our important task. On the basis of Polish experiences in the field of education, religious instruction and pastoral work, we want to help to prepare children for their First Communion and to educate young men to a profound religious life, to the Eucharist and frequent reading of the Bible, including the Old Testament, which highlights everything what we find in the New Testament.
The Catholic family plays a key role in evangelization. If a family knows and loves Christ, such a family will pass on these values to the next generations.
Therefore, I appeal to Polish families: if you love your children in a responsible way tell them about God's love for man, about Christ, the Eucharist and our Lady. These values are very important in family life and constitute extraordinary help in upbringing.

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