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We give our readers the last issue of 'Niedziela' in A3 format. We waited to make the decision concerning the change of our format for a long time. The questionnaire, we had sent out to our readers, had many opinions against any changes. But there were also numerous opinions that demand such a change as an expression of modernity and greater comfort. So we have accepted a new form of our magazine. We hope our readers will like it and the new format will win their recognition. I make no efforts to conceal my sadness to give up the old format. 'Niedziela' in its old form has its advantage. Among other things we could publish a bit longer texts and as you know spiritual subjects often require longer texts. We also wanted to publish some speeches, e.g. bishops' talks, in full versions since they contain concrete pastoral directives and sometimes a pastoral programme, and they are the shepherd's words to the people of their dioceses. It is hard to present an analytical statement in a short form.
It was not easy to take that decision. However, we made some projects, which we presented to several environments of experts in Paris in order to have more confidence in taking the decision. Their opinions about our new format were very positive. The new format also won the recognition of the environment of older people, the majority of whom at first had been against any changes. So we decided to concentrate on our work so that we could publish 'Niedziela' in the new format on the Papal Day 2006. During the 25 years of work our editorial board made many decisions with reference to the Holy Father John Paul II. For example, one of the important matters was to change from the white-black form into a coloured edition. It was connected with the Holy Father's visit to Poland. Today we are making 'a transformation' of 'Niedziela' during the celebration of the 6th Papal Day and in a way we take our decisions under the patronage of the Servant of God John Paul II.
The new 'Niedziela' will require more care and different work organisation. Since we will have to fulfil the requirements of a modern paper. But we would also want to satisfy those readers who did not want any change of the format of our weekly. Thus the new format refers to the previous version to some extent: the font will be preserved, which is important especially to older readers, and we will not give up all long texts. But there will be more photos and new graphic forms in accordance with the requirements of a modern magazine. Furthermore, we think that these sections, which will be dedicated to concrete topics, can draw new readers with a questing mind. We make the changes on the 80th anniversary of 'Niedziela'. But we would like in no way to betray the present idea of the weekly, i.e. serving God, man and our Homeland. On the threshold of the 21st century the situation of the Church and of our country, which joined the structures of the European Union, is completely different than 80 years ago. However, care for the good of our fellow countrymen is perhaps more urgent in the epoch of open borders and possibility of free access to what is evil. We also refer to the protection of the Most Holy Mother, Queen of Poland, in whom we have put our confidence and whom we want to serve wholeheartedly.
We hope that our readers will be very much interested in our new version of 'Niedziela'. And we trust priests will support us with their kindness. Their help to distribute our paper has been invaluable. We really appreciate their collaboration and good advice. We also thank all laymen who have promoted 'Niedziela' in various ways throughout the years, and they helped it to continue in difficult moments on the media market. They will be also indispensable at the new stage of the paper.
'Niedziela' in its new format is open to collaboration. It is to serve the diocesan editions in a better way. We want Catholics to be aware that 'Niedziela' is their paper - voice of the Church they belong to, voice which speaks in an interesting and practical way. Let us also think that in several years, when you will try to get to know the history of your diocese, and the history of your parish, you will refer to 'Niedziela', which is a source of such information.
Therefore, we present our request to You, our dear Readers. The new edition of 'Niedziela' must fulfil many requirements that are connected with additional finances. We count on your help. We count on the help of bishops and parish priests, all faithful, both clergy and laymen, so that we will not only be able to maintain the paper but also do our best to serve Catholic society, which today is facing threats of hostile opinions and ideological trends. If 'Niedziela', a Catholic weekly, is in our families it will be easier for us to think in a healthy and logical way as well as to preserve true values.

"Niedziela" 41/2006

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