Easter reflection


What Easter have we got this year? We look around, read papers, watch television, listen to the radio, experience Lenten retreats which concern important topics of our social and personal lives and we have various fears. Perhaps all of us ask this question: what will our future be, what should we expect? If over 30% of Polish marriages break down what is the future of our family? The breakdown of the family is a tragedy for all its members, especially for the children. It means drama and tears, lengthy discussions of the most intimate marital matters in court... Undoubtedly, there is the problem of morality of young people. Naturally, some young people lead beautiful conscious lives and they joyfully fulfil God's commandments. But what should we do with young people living together as partners in students' houses of residence? What about some young people who get drunk or take drugs? What about the fact that our young people do not see other values than money? Many of them will certainly have some contact with the Church at Easter; they may bring food for blessing, send Easter cards or e-mails...
The basic problem is to balance the relation between 'to have' and 'to be', and another problem is some crazy drive for possessions. It is very hard to stop people from rushing for things. This is a certain type of contemporary philosophy that is characterised by the fact that money controls practically all things - some people value money most. Even our membership in the European Union has a monetary, economic dimension but the cultural aspect, especially the inner culture of man, the depth of inner experiences, is pushed into the background. It is true that we deal with very talented, educated people who know languages but it seems that they have acquired all these things to have a better material status - 'to have'. This is not reading with the aim of changing oneself, of mortification in order to achieve higher purposes: greater good or desire to be pleasing to God. What counts in this culture is power, health and youth. The lives of the sick, the old or the unborn are as if valueless; in order to make the killing of the defenceless easier special 'light' terms were coined: euthanasia and abortion. However, the society that decides to 'have' is actually poor, in some sense damaged since it has no love. Economic growth, which brings about welfare of nations, is important but at the same time we see how ruthless people of higher material status are. Since richness in itself releases the need to be richer and culminates in affluence at all costs. Sometimes one may wonder what for this person needs so much. Even if he lived very long he would not use everything he amassed. If these people had at least large families but most frequently they have only one child.
Reflecting on these things we ask questions about Eastertide. What does our faith look like? What does our Easter hope look like? The Risen Christ shows us that not all things, which seem valuable in this world, are of real value. There is a world of merits for eternal life.
He shows us values that do not decay, that are immortal, eternal and which should be in our focus. Through his resurrection Christ shows us new Homeland where there are places for everyone.
However, he stresses that Heavenly Father will give each of us what we deserve, to the measure of our efforts and application of God's teaching in our lives.
Therefore, we, Christians, should pray and reflect on the mystery of Resurrection.
At the beginning of the third millennium John Paul II encouraged us to look at Jesus in order to contemplate him and consider our earthy matters in his light. The Risen Jesus brings true joy and peace and says, 'Peace be with you!' (cf. Luke 24:36; John 14:27. 19; 20:26, etc.). He tells people who are full of fears, sadness and concern for material things that only love counts. And today we do want this spiritual concern - the resurrection of our hearts and souls.

"Niedziela" 14/2007

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