Fortified in love


We remember very well what censorship was during the communist regime. The censors’ work was to check texts and allowed them to be published. That concerned every issue of our weekly ‘Niedziela’, which had to be signed by a censor. And there were various fanny stories about that work, for example one censor received a screenplay in which one of the props was a red suitcase, which the actor was to carry onto the stage and opened at some moment. The problem appeared immediately: why the suitcase was red and why it was empty. And the official was in trouble: to allow this screenplay or not... The communists were afraid of being ridiculed and they took every means of prudence. It seems that the media world uses those experiences; that one can very often see some kind of over-zeal that is ordinary nosing around, characterised of the former censorship...The Dictionary of the Polish Language says ‘publicly ascribing characteristics, views or deeds to someone causes people lose confidence in him/her; their names are defamed’ – it is slander, calumny, which of course can be brought to court. But many a time we witness such calumnies in the media, created for some concrete benefit. Although their authors do evil they are unpunished. We can see how much evil the famous files of the security services do: they often stigmatise outstanding personalities ascribing them alleged collaboration with the communist security services. Today Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz has been attached and accused of making the beautification process of John Paul II difficult by keeping documents related to the pope and not wanting to show them. However, here we can deal with the lack of common sense of journalists. You cannot suspect that Cardinal Dziwisz would want to hamper the canonisation of the beloved John Paul II. As a chaplain he served the Holy Father all his life, dedicating all strengths to him and as bishop and then cardinal he did his best to work for Christ’s Church. He was at the Pope’s disposal practically all the time. Fr Dziwisz’s great service was characterised by dedication and great love for John Paul II, which we all could see. The Famous Don Stanislao was as if the shadow following the Pope, caring for all his steps, reacting to all gestures of his, to every expression on his face; he was a calm, humble and very devoted secretary of the Holy Father. We, pilgrims, did not know his voice well and when he began speaking we all focused on his warm, little resounding voice. And now some ignorant journalist tries to convince us that Cardinal Dziwisz wants to suspend the beautification process... One should think first in order not to write nonsense. Cardinal Dziwisz was asked to react to this accusation. What could he answer? He was sorry; he felt slandered and accused of an evil deed. However, the Church has her own wisdom and enormous experiences that began with Lord Jesus and is being completed in all his servants. We know that we must go though such experiences sometimes. But – here I want to appeal to all those who read such nonsense – nothing can justify our not using our reason even if some ‘truths’ are spoken by the so-called authorities. We must know that these people are ruthless in their aims that they will not hesitate to destroy the most beautiful and most priceless values. And the friendship between Cardinal Dziwisz and the Holy Father was such a value, yielding fruit for the world and for us, Poles, being by no means an example. Today there are various kind of calumny used in Poland. We do not control our language any more. Many people have been harmed. Destructive information, which was not checked, was given as true. We do not consider God’s commandments and human rights. Additionally, some have the courage to say that they are Catholics, Christians... We should carefully read again what Jesus advises in such situations. I refer you to the sermon of the Mount (Matthew 5: 3-11). It would be good if many people, especially young people, would take the words of the Gospel to heart and grow up in morally healthy environment. Speaking concretely, let us try avoiding calumny so that it becomes our custom, which is after all completely different and which John Paul II cared for and promoted so much, wanting us to become people characterized by love. This greatness is accessible to each of us and moreover, it is true greatness.

"Niedziela" 20/2009

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