During a beautiful divine service in the Vatican basilica, presided by the Holy Father Benedict XVI – but also during divine services beginning the Year of Faith in our cathedrals – we were aware that something great was happening. The Pope paid a tribute to God in the only Holy Trinity and reminded us that the Holy Spirit is in the Church and everybody should open up to His action.

Have we done it? Have we all stood with our way of thinking in front of God’s throne? Have we kneeled in front of Live God, in order to entrust ourselves to Him?

It is something amazing that the man can talk with God.

It is something amazing that he can kneel in front of Him.

It is something amazing that he can somehow let God into his mind and heart.

It is something amazing that he can tell him: I love you! I trust you! I believe that you will forgive me my sin in your great mercifulness…

The meeting with God is something the most wonderful which we can experience, it is opening oneself up to an amazing power in which we can participate. We come to the One who is – as he said about himself(see Exodus 3.14). He is near us, what’s more – He is in us – as St. Paul says: ‘We live in Him, we move in Him and we are in Him’(Acts 17.28). This wonderful, the greatest simplicity of God – He simply is and gets into the deepest secrets of the human life, gets into the human consciousness. And it is very important - this God is personal, that is, he is not a kind of spreading liquid, or creeping matter or something indefinite. God is personal, as well as our Holy providence. God is the greatest good for the man, the greatest beauty and the greatest truth. – ‘Ens et bonumconvertuntur’. It is a sentence of great metaphysics, having philosophical dimension, and also very humanistic.

So, we are standing in front of this God whom we cannot completely understand with our mind or heart, in a very humble way. We are aware that we are close to great reflections of the greatest wise-men of the world, but also the fact that we participate in the act of belief among ordinary people to whom He also comes. Therefore we must know that considering His presence are required by all sectors of our life – not only culture, in which it is probably the most visible. Governments, economy, services, human spiritual and physical life are going to look different, if one has an attitude towards them with awareness that God is and he is waiting in order to be asked about opinion and graces.

So our whole reality should be full of Christian thought. We can lose neither the evangelical message not its analysis done by Christian wise-men. For this all decided about the form of our civilization. We see how much it is endangered today by atheistic and liberal ideology which is getting so easily into the awareness of contemporary people. Therefore we all must strengthen our vigilance and undertake a great thinking effort, because the matter is extremely important. Advent and Christmas will be helpful for us in it.

So, we want, God, say that we believe in You – Almighty Father, Creator of the Heaven and Earth.

We believe in Jesus Christ who is Your son and how came to the world to redeem us.

We believe in you as the Holy Spirit, who wants to sanctify our thoughts and actions.

And we love the Blessed Virgin Mary very much, Mother of Your Son, who is also our mother.

This is our faith and life in it really gives happiness.


"Niedziela" 51/2012

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