Dear Readers of ‘Sunday’,

We let you know about our editorial situation in many ways. We all know, that for a long time the costs of our life – also the costs of editing the magazine – have been higher. In spite of what we hear in the enunciations of those in authority, Poles find it worse and worse to live. High unemployment makes life difficult for many families, while they should create a friendly community, developing physically, intellectually and strengthening the spirituality of their members. ‘Sunday’ – as a vicar, the extended hands of parish priest, is trying to help the Polish family to walk on roads of faith, explains many social phenomena and is a friend. We want every Catholic be aware of the fact that he lives in the community of the Church in which the voice of the Holy Father is important as well as a local bishop, so that he would be aware of the importance of his faith and his duties towards faith, so that he would have a broader religious knowledge, deepen his knowledge of the Holy Scripture, know the Church and its teaching well. Our weekly also refers to everything which is brought by everyday life. We visit Your families every week, being glad that we are needed, grateful for words of friendliness, but also criticism, which is creative, after all.

Today we live in a very difficult world, as the Christians we are still being attacked by atheistic and freemasonry environments, and we are being bombarded especially with bad news, because it has been assumed that ‘bad news is a good news’. Not only the Church is being attacked, but also the ordinary family, marriage, Christian way of upbringing of young people. Catechesis at school or other forms of ministry in the Church are inconvenient more and more frequently. The Catholic press helps us to understand many issues which are provided to us in a falsified way, unfriendly to the Church. It is a pity that too few believers read Catholic newspapers. Our Catholic media are on a high level today, and are trying to serve to the truth about the reality and us. It would be good to notice and help to reach to as many readers as possible with their contents.

I cordially ask everybody for it. I would really like the Movement of Friends of ‘Sunday’ to become enlivened, which has already played a valuable role in its time. Today many people read our magazine on internet, and, for this reason they do not buy the weekly in a kiosk or a parish. However, it is important for people using this service, to feel obliged to support the edition of the weekly. The editorial office works both in paper and internet versions, and this implies high costs. The editorial team consists of people working in Częstochowa and in local editorial offices in the diocese which run diocesan supplements. Regardless of the circulation of editions – 1500 or 5 thousand editions – the costs are the same, because they comprise salaries, technical costs connected with paper, printing or distribution, and prices of everything have significantly increased throughout the last years. Hence there are difficulties, which we are still facing up to – also editors of other Catholic weeklies.

In order to improve the situation a little, we have decided to raise the price of ‘Sunday’ by 50 pennies. So, starting with the current edition, it is going to cost 4.5 zlotys. We apologize that we cannot maintain the same price any longer which has not changed for a few years, although all elements of our life became very expensive.

Dear Friends, we rely on Your understanding, friendliness and help. We also rely on Your prayers. It is difficult to reach to the human conscience but when we do it together, in solidarity – we can do a lot. We rely on it very much.


"Niedziela" 9/2013

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