The director Father Tadeusz Rydzyk announced that from 15 February 2014 the Television is going to be present on the digital multiplex. He also expressed his sorrow that he has got to pay big money. I am not surprised by this fear of the director of Radio Maria. He was experiencing his fear for millions of Poles, Polish Catholics, believers who are waiting for the Television Trwam.

Poles are waiting patiently because those who are holding authority, are keeping their place and are using their possibilities in a ruthless way – we won elections, so we can do what we want to. A group of people, who are the majority in the parliament (the Civil Platform and the Polish People’s Party) seem to be saying so. In fact the parliament is not necessary today –we do not remember an Act to be passed, which would come from hands of somebody from the Law and Justice party. Only what the prime minister Tusk or the chief of the Polish People’s Party say counts, whereas other voices are only a tweet of a bird on a roof. People are often surprised and say that the opposition is doing nothing. But what can it do towards the arrogance of the authority and complete ignoring it in the parliament? Winners sometimes simply say: We won elections, so we will vote as directors think. Sometimes even party’s discipline is used in moral and ethical matters.

Therefore, we say that this big group of the Catholics, indeed, do not have any representation in the parliament in such an extent, so that it could influence decisions. The examples of this not accepting the will of the nation was ignoring the voice of participants of the march for the sake of defence of the Television Trwam. We leave comments to all those who were watching this spectacle of superiority.

However, it is high time for the authority to think about giving a possibility for the Television Trwam to appear on the digital multiplex. The National Broadcasting Council granted concession to the Foundation Lux Veritatis and defined terms and conditions of its existence of the MUX. But it is not so simple and the place of the Television Trwam is still occupied by TVP. There appeared voices that the chairman of the management of TVP dr. Juliusz Braun is the person who is blocking the concession for the Television Trwam. Because Mr. Braun used to work for ‘Niedziela’ for about 8 years, I dared to write a letter to him with a request for unblocking the place for the Television Trwam. The chairman answered my letter but his answer did not suggest that the Television Trwam would receive a possibility for its broadcasting. However, something changed. I sent the copy of my letter to Mr. Braun to primate archbishop Józef Kowalczyk, archbishop Józef Michalik – the chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference for Mass Media. The copies of the letter were also sent to: archbishop Sławoj Leszek Głódź – the assistant of the Television Trwam, cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz and cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, as well as Father Tadeusz Rydzyk. Mr. Braun replied to this letter and the copy of his reply was also given to the aforementioned priests. Talks started between the Television Trwam and the chairman of the management of TVP which led to a message which we already know, that on 15 February 2014 – that is earlier than it was intended, the Television Trwam is entering the digital multiplex.

I would like to answer the questions which are asked to me why I entered these issues. Well, I think that the Television Trwam is not the property only of the Foundation Lux Veritatis. Formally, it is but the television station has been supported by the nation. Millions of signatures in which Poles were claiming for the television, as well as the aforementioned marches are an evidence that the nation said it is its television. It is the television which has its own assistant, an approval of the Polish Episcopal Conference and it should be said that it is the Catholic television.

There is a question whether it is really supposed to be treated as any other commercial TV station or don’t we, Polish Catholics have a right to claim for a suitable status, also the financial one, for this television? Must Father Rydzyk be concerned about money, and big money? The nation should demand a free entrance for the Television Trwam and can demand a suitable parliamentary Act which would secure ordinary functioning of the Telelvision Trwam, enfranchised by the nation. It would be an act of not grace but of justice.

I undertook negotiations about what was happening because I think that it is the issue of not only Father Rydzyk, but also of every Pole, especially a Polish Catholic who has a right to such a medium which he/she chooses. Because this is the base of free elections and it should also be the base of our democracy so that we would be free.

We should be glad that the Television Trwam will contribute to a better preparation of compatriots for the canonization of blessed John Paul II. May this greatest Pole of Poles, bring the Holy Spirit once again, so that the Holy Spirit would renew the face of the Polish land, as he said it eloquently: THIS LAND.


"Niedziela" 1/2014

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