From the reflections of the Appeal Prayer on 17 June 2014


Mary, today we are coming to Your throne at Jasna Gora in this Appeal Prayer of Jasna Gora. Worried Poland is coming to You, because recordings from wiretapping of politicians have been revealed, which show what they think about Poland and issues important for us. What is shocking is the fact that politicians speak a vulgar and scurrilous language. Here are the people whom this nation, the nation of John Paul II elected for its representatives. Whom did Poles listen to? Poland, what happened with you? Poland of John Paul II, Poland of cardinal Wyszynski, Poland of great Poles! Poland, our beloved Homeland, what happened with you, that people who express their hostility to the cross, the Church were elected to the parliament and they arouse attacks on God? What happened with you that in Poznan with financial help of the state a spectacle was prepared which is a slander of the passion of Jesus Christ?...

Our Mother, we are coming to You, being shattered. Journalists are organizing a kind of fairs, because they are paid for it. But real Poles are crying not only because of these recordings. They are also crying because of ‘impermeable’ people’s behaviours. Because if there is evil, a normal man will say: I am sorry. A normal man will say that he was not lucky, that his election of people was not successful. And here they say: nothing happened. After all, it is nothing at all. They even explain this vulgar language that it is just for added breezy. Poland, what happened with you that you are silent? Where are Polish Catholics, where are Polish priests…

How good it is that Polish doctors spoke and brought the Faith Declaration here. But why were they attacked so brutally, where does one want to destroy this gesture of the human conscience?

So, today we must ask a question: what are solutions for us? Surely Polish bishops show them to us and we must listen to them and also look at all this what Catholic media bring to us.

Brothers and Sisters present here, at Jasna Gora and everybody who are participating in this Appeal Prayer at homes thanks to Television Trwam. You see that new Polish, Christian solidarity is needed, solidarity of the Gospel; solidarity whose source, strength and the central point is Jesus Christ. And we must build this catholic solidarity. Priests! We must speak and stand by Christ, like on the day of our priestly ordinations. ‘Adsumus’ – here we are, Christ. A priest cannot say to himself: take a rest! Each of us must stand as a soldier of Christ because these are such times. Therefore, if priests proclaim Catholic press, then they should do it with fervor. Not in the way about which I heard last Sunday in a big city – it was said in nearly one hardly heard sentence that there is Catholic press, as if the priest announcing it would not take care about it.

And bishop Teodor Kubina said in 1926 that ‘Niedziela’ must be a vicar and a suffragan for a bishop. All Catholic newspapers – not only ‘Niedziela’- have a purpose of help for a priest. The Catholic weekly can teach people about the social and cultural life. Thanks to the Catholic newspaper people know and can easily distinguish the truth from the false, so they will not elect wicked people to the parliament. They will know that it is necessary to look for righteous people, that it is necessary to go to elections and vote for what is the best for Homeland: so that young Poles would not have to go abroad to earn the living, so that they could work in Homeland and for Homeland; in order to return (although it is difficult) to the national property which has been sold. Where are Polish steelworks and shipyards, mines, sugar factories, cement factories? We must fight for this all, because it is our bread, it is the future for Poles, for the young generation, for the Polish family!

And this is for which the Church is calling, for which the Catholic press is calling. In the masonry press manipulated by foreign centres, there is no love to our Homeland. And real Poles must be aware of it.

Therefore, today we are coming to You, Mother with a great request. Open eyes of Polish priests so that they would show their believers the significance of the Catholic media – and the Television Trwam and Radio Maryja and other Catholic radio stations as well as Catholic newspapers. The power of Catholic media is really enormous but requires help from priests, the Church. This help is really expected.

Today, Mary, we are bringing our great request to you: bless Polish priests, bless the Catholic people, so that they would not turn away their heads from an altar boy who suggests ‘Niedziela’ or another Catholic magazine on the stairs of the church. A Catholic in Poland should know that he should be well-informed, that he should be a wise man. Thanks to the good science included in the prediction of the Church, Poland can be saved.

Mother of Good Advice, come with help to our Homeland! Open Poles’ eyes! Open eyes of all Polish families! Open eyes of Polish patriots, show that there are powers and strengths which can save our Homeland and our national awareness. So that we could love this all about which the Polish Pope spoke all the time.

Saint John Paul II, our beloved Holy Father, pray for the Homeland which you loved so much!


"Niedziela" 26/2014

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