Fr. Ireneusz Skubiś, an Honourable Editor-in-chief of ‘Niedziela’

I am very impressed by the film which was broadcast by the Polish Television on 2 September in the evening and which presented the beginning of the Second World War. The film presented many testimonies of people who were still able to tell others about their experiences from those days, and also showed the behavior of Europe towards defenceless Poland. Indeed, England and France denounced the war to Hitler, but it ended up only with words. And Hitler was moving forward, decided to destroy Poland and, as we know from here and there, the Ribbentrop-Mołotow treaty was needed by him to realize his murderous plans towards our country.

Today we are really emotionally experiencing what happened with Poland 75 years ago and also with Europe because now we have a very similar situation to the one from 1939. Just behind our border there is a real war – even the words come out from the mouth: Adolf Putin attacked defenceless Ukraine. Before that he organized the so-called separatists, that is, supporters of Moscow, people of the Russian nationality who undertook a fight against legitimate government of Ukraine and the free country. In this way, he conquered Kremlin which is an integral part of the Ukrainian country. Hiler also used German minorities which he allegedly wanted to free but it was only a pretext to do a robbery.

Contemporary Adolf Hitler is behaving more and more boldly, while the world and Europe are behaving mildly towards what is happening in Ukraine. And people are being killed, martial order is obliging, heavy weapon is functioning: war tanks, launchers, Ukrainian airplanes are shot down. And it is not done by untrained people, but by professionals….

It is high time Europe stood in defence of Ukraine in a consistent and explicit way. This is an independent country, there have been assurances recently that it can be calm about its fate, but it should resign from atomic weapon. The Ukrainians really resigned from atom, but today the threat of using the atomic weapon is overused by Kremlin, which in its actions does not respect even America. We must support our brothers who are experiencing sufferings and anguish.

We live in XXI century, there are experiences of the First and the Second World Wars behind us and so many bloody conflicts and we all want to live in peace. Therefore we must do everything so that it would be so. But we must also make aggressors realize the fact that freedom of other nations must not be breached. We, believers, still have an important task: to pray for peace. Through the intercession of the Queen of peace, let’s ask God for consent and understanding, so that people would understand that only life in freedom and peace is a guarantee for real development of the man, nation and a country. Let this prayer be also an appeal to governments, to politicians so that they could stand for the truth, for what is good, righteous and fair.

Lord, who are a Sower of peace, give peace to Ukraine, give peace to Europe of our times…


„Niedziela” 37/2014

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