LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, The editor-in-chief of the 'Sunday'

The spherical earth is retaking the flat form. For, today we are able to close the knowledge about the world in a flat disc of a computer. It is like another breakthrough like Copernicus' one. Gutenber's galaxy is shrinking and information technology is developing. Internet is becoming the man's more and more important element of his presence. Besides home, work and school, an important space of our everyday meeting are digital social portals. Internet forums have taken over the role of cafes and clubs – now these are the main places for exchanging thoughts and entertainment. So, it is necessary to be vigil, so that suitable content would fill in these vast spaces. The Church is using modern technologies as a tool of evangelization. However, meetings in the web are to lead to meetings at an altar or a confessional. A lot has been discussed about it recently, in relation to the Day of Mass Media, celebrated in Poland, as usually, on the third Sunday of September. We will find its echo in the 'Sunday'.

This week our main topic is preventive actions for the soul. This is not only prevention from dangers which may come from mass media. We mainly show defence actions against the evil spirit, which is going round the world. We point to reliable means guarding us from satan. We suggest a special prayer to St. Michael the Arch-Angel which plays a role of a private exorcism. St. Michael the Arch-Angel is a patron of radio and television employees, which has also a significant meaning. Experts of the issue say which wickets around us should be tightly closed not to allow the evil spirit to come to us. An exorcist writing on pages of the 'Sunday' points to the confession and the Holy Communion as defence shields against possession to the evil spirit. He notes that today people often choose a sofa at a psychoanalytic instead of kneeling at a confessional. It is worth quoting the words of Benedict XVI here that satan does not have knees, but the man should know how to use his knees as often as possible.

We are closing gates against evil powers, and we are also opening the suitable one widely – towards Heaven in order to be happy about the exaltation of bishop Alvaro del Portillo from Opus Dei to the glory of altars. His beatification will take place on 27 September this year in Spain. Bishop Alvaro del Portillo extremely attracted everyone with his religiousness and goodness. A famous journalist Vittorio Messori mentions that once he came to him in order to carry out an interview and he felt like throwing a notebook and have the holy confession. It was how this man from Opus Dei influenced others. The words of bishop Alvaro del Portillo go well together with the main topic of the 'Sunday': 'Love God and people because love is a new name of revolt against the evil'.


„Niedziela” 39/2014

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