LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Many paradoxes were noticeable during a short visit of pope Francis in European institutions (26 November 2014). The Holy Father spoke to a politicians who forgot about God to a large extent, which is seen, among the others, in attacking Christian values. During debates it happens that words are said which do not fit to secular models of the ‘modern’ reality. Whereas, surprisingly enough, even politicians, who had opposed to the invitation of Pope to the European Parliament and the European Council, were applauding his message for Europe, in which he enumerated faults of the EU policy and discovered Christian roots of the Old Continent.

We must remember that the fundament of Europe was established by three deeply religious politicians: Konrad Adenauer, Alcide de Gasperi and God’s servant Robert Schuman. The latter one was going to be a priest. However, he followed to the advice of his friends persuading him to the idea that the contemporary saints, whose activity is very needed by God, wear secular clothes. Schuman reached the top of politics, was the prime minister of France twice. According to him, ‘the value of Europe is Europe of values’. He said about democracy that it would be either Christian or it will not exist at all. He was looking for answers to questions about the shape of united Europe in God. Schuman was called a saint in a suit. At present, there is his beatification process.

So, if today politicians of the European Union are fighting with the signs of Christianity in the public sphere, they do not have anything in common with the fathers-founders of Europe. It is impossible to build the common European home without the fundament which is Christianity, because it will simply get collapsed. This danger exists because the former ideas have gone into the background, giving in a place to consumerism, loneliness, egoism. It was noted by pope Francis in his speech addressed to euro-deputies. He revealed weaknesses of self-righteous Europe. He warned against losing identity, whose element is the Christian soul. – Europe which is not longer able to open up to the transcendent dimension of life, is Europe which is slowly endangered by losing its soul – European politicians heard.

A correspondent of ‘Niedziela’, observing live events in Strasburg emphasizes that the speech of the Holy Father overpowered even the radical leftist party. A signal was sent from Strasburg that Europe is looking for its lost soul and that it needs the authority. And, although it puts on various masks, it cannot hide the most important thing – its Christian code. The Holy Father suggested that it is time to ‘build Europe together, which is not turning around economy, but around the holiness of the human being’. He reminded inhabitants of the Old Continent about what is the most important, that they cannot live without God.


„Niedziela” 49/2014

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