LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, The editor-in-chief of ‘Niedziela’

Shortly before Christmas Mary Wagner – a well-known 38-year-old Canadian woman, a conscience prisoner – was arrested again, as mass media were informed by her mother. It happened on 23 December 2014 in an abortion Clinique in Toronto. Mary went there in order to save babies endangered by abortion. Last year she spent Christmas in prison as well. In one of her last interviews for Polish Diaspora’s magazine ‘Messenger’ she explained that in her country, the movement in the ‘abortion business’ always becomes stronger before Christmas. Women in a bigger number than usually, have their surgeries arranged. at this time there is a ‘diabolic haste so that as many babies as possible would be killed before the beginning of celebrating Christ’s birth’. It has happened so recently as well. And, therefore, Mary had to appear there. She breached the buffer sphere again and went to women waiting for abortion in a queue, although she has spent her time in custody recently in Ontario for disturbing the business conducted by abortion centres and breaching the prohibition of coming closer to abortion clinics. We must hear the cry of Mary Wagner because every year 50 million babies are killed.

Now we have knowledge what it is all about because in autumn 2014 Mary Wagner was in Poland. At that time we found out that it is years since she had been fighting with the holocaust of XXI century which is abortion to one’s wish. In Canada killing unborn children is not limited in any way. It can be done legally at any time, till the birth of a child. ‘Death civilization’ has already stupefied Canadian women completely. They are not aware that abortion is killing their children. The brave Canadian woman admitted that her decision to devote herself to defend the life of the weakest, defenceless children resulted from her upbringing in a religious family with many children and full of love. Her parents had eight children and they also adopted five children. Mary Wagner learnt from parents to love the Holy Sacrament and love the human life. She also mentioned that her determination in saving the unborn resulted also from the words of St. John Paul II said in Denver during the World Youth’s Days in 1993: ‘ Do not be afraid to defend life, do not be afraid to go out into streets with the Gospel of life’.

Mary Wagner is our known and close person. If she was in Poland, we could listen to her stories about her struggles with the contemporary Goliath. We could also pray together at Jasna Góra. For, she arrived to revisit Our Lady, who, being in Her pilgrimage ‘From Ocean to Ocean’, visited her in a Canadian prison. She told us about support which she had received from Poles during her imprisonment. Polish correspondence was half of letters which had arrived from the whole world then. During Christmas there was often the white Polish wafer in letters.

At present we can help Mary Wagner, sending her correspondence with expressions of support to the address: Mary Wagner, c/o Vanier Centre for Woman, PO Box 1040, 655 Martin St., Milton ON L9T 5E6. We can also express our support for her in the petition of the CitizenGo organization placed on the website: www.citizengo.org.


„Niedziela” 2/2015

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