LIDIA DUDKIEWICZ, the editor-in chief of Niedziela

In relation to the 70th anniversary of liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau celebrated this January, ghastly images of German ‘death factories’, built in the XX century in the centre of Europe are coming back. At that time, people could not counteract the crime of genocide planned by the political madman. We hoped that with the XX century, which was called a bad century, the century of a disaster had finished. Unfortunately, recently a lot has been said about the holocaust of XXI century – it concerns mass killing unborn children. Every year, because of abortion, about 50 million human beings are killed. Everything proves that the bloody statistics will definitely get worse, especially in Europe. For, abortion lobby is spreading violently, which aims at filling the whole European Union with various forms of quick abortion. It is to be gained through, among the others, a possibility of buying the pill ‘a day after’ without a prescription in all EU countries. Journalists of ‘Niedziela’ note that the release of this substance from the controlled sale is mainly aimed at making big money. Popularizing of this pill ‘day after’ by media is nothing else but a big advertisement campaign of a French pharmacist company awaiting high profits.

The discussion on the permission for free sale of the pill ‘day after’ was definitely joined to by a Team of Experts for Bioethics of the Polish Episcopal Conference - with its chairperson archbishop Henryk Hoser. In its presented attitude it was stated that from the point of view of the moral teaching by the Church, using the pill ‘day after’ is a heavy sin. Moreover, the experts note that the decision about the general access to the infanticide pill is contradictory with the Polish law. In addition it happens at the moment when demographers are alarming that the population of Poles is drastically dropping – it is estimated in the year 2050 the number of population will decrease by 12 percent and will amount to 33 million 951 thousand.

And all kinds of the evil appears inside the man. St. John Paul II warned: ‘The nation which kills its own children is the nation without the future’. We must hear these words, especially today when the life of the defenceless, the weakest beings is attacked with mechanisms of politics and big business.

Recently archbishop Henryk Hoser gave a very serious opinion for the portal He expressed words of a tough opinion about what we are observing on the Old Continent, with a serious warning for the future. Archbishop Hoser stated that ‘Europe commits a suicide. If it does not wake up, it will stop existing’. For the European Union is mainly taking care of economy and marketing.

In his comment on the last terroristic assassinations in the editorial office of the Paris satirist weekly ‘Charlie Hebdo’, archbishop Hoser explicitly condemned the genocide of the members of the editorial office, but he emphasized that ‘this magazine is inscribed in the antireligious tradition which was developing from the times of the French revolution’. Moreover, on this basis, one can notice departing of Europe from its Christian roots. We have its evidence everyday – Europe, like the whole world, is passively looking at the Christians suffering under the burden of terror. Christian defence is considered as a politically incorrect action, so there is no editorial office, there is a lack of political will in order to help the contemporary martyrs for faith and demonstrate solidarity with them – for example in the streets of Paris.


„Niedziela” 4/2015

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