Finally there has been day of historic justice. In relation to the National Day of Independence the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda announced the general nomination for colonel Ryszard Kukliński – ‘a lonely knight of our independence’, regained in 1989. He is considered as the first Polish knight in NATO. It was colonel Kuklilński who helped the United States overcome the empire of evil, as the Soviet Union was so called, and he saved Poland. For, in Moscow he gained extra-secret plans of aggression of the Soviet Army towards Europe, and, thanks to it, he prevented the outbreak of the Third World War, in which the area of Poland was to become a nuclear battlefield.

This national hero, considered as the last steadfast Soldier, was sentenced to death by the communist regime. Prof. Józef Szaniawski, the last political prisoner of communist Poland, also fought for his honour, often alone. It was thanks to him that we managed to reach to, among the others, sentences of American politicians about Kukliński. In America there was a general opinion that, to a large extent, thanks to courage of Kukliński not only Poland gained independence. Also other countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union got liberated. Robert Gates, managing CIA during the presidency of George Bush emphasized that Kukliński had been the most valuable information source for the Americans, in the whole eastern bloc, from Vladyvostov to eastern Berlin. It was him who warned the USA against aggressive plans of Kremlin. Whereas Zbigniew Brzeziński, an advisor for safety matters of president of the USA Jimmy Carter noted that Kukliński risked his life and life of his family, in order to prevent Moscow from causing a war with NATO countries. It is proven by facts – in mysterious, tragic circumstances Kukliński lost his two sons.

Today we have knowledge on it thanks to books by prof. Szaniawski and his collections in the Warsaw Chamber of Memory about Colonel Kukliński. We can see, among the others, a secret plan of the Soviet offensive operation of the seaside frontier. The saved map shows real intentions of the empire of evil towards Poland and the West. Polish army was to be used to attack Western Europe to the order of Moscow. Nuclear bombs, rackets with nuclear heads were to fall onto Denmark, Western Germany, along the northern coastline of Europe. Polish soldiers would have been sent to this atomic cloud. In the offensive Poland would have been bombed, and only 4 million Poles had a chance to survive. The order of Kremlin bringing such a tragic result was prevented just by Kukliński. As I mentioned in the beginning – finally historic justice has been done: colonel Kukliński was raised to the rank of a general. The act of awarding him the General’s degree was received on 11 November 2016 in Belveder by Filip Frąckowiak, a director of the Chamber of Memory about Colonel Kukliński now, and who became a guard of the truth after prof. Szaniawski and took over the mission of restoring honour belonging to gen. Kukliński. Because he was fighting alone for independence after the second world war, and even after the years 1989, I suggest including gen. Ryszard Kukliński in the group of fathers of independence from the year 1918, distinguished by president Andrzej Duda, when announcing preparations for the 100th anniversary of gaining independence to be celebrated in the year 2018.


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