Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

She resigned from the post of the chairman of the Ministers’ Council at the moment when she had record support in surveys. So far there has been an unknown case when the prime minister gained such a record number of votes, accepting the policy of the government and its regulations. Two days before making a political decision which shocked not only Poland, Beata Szydło put the following entry on Twitter: ‘Regardless everything, Poland is the most important. Caring about family and values, being safe. It has grown out on the Christian fundament, being tolerant and open. Being modern and ambitious. This is my country. The example for Europe and the world. We are such Poles’. The prime minister Szydło always says that the Law and Justice party is one team and thanks to it one can be successful. Soon after the decision of the political committee of the Law and Justice party which accepted her resignation and designated Mateusz Morawiecki a new prime minister, she wrote on social portals: ‘I really thank you for all expressions of support, thanking, for all your nice entries. Those two years were an unusual time for me, and serving to Poland and Poles was an honour for me. Thank you’. She resigned from the post of the prime minister in a classy way, as she is a politician of highly class.

In the issue of the ‘Sunday’ Witold Gadowski aptly characterized the two years of the governing by the prime minister Szydło. In his opinion, ‘she was bearing the most difficult challenge, raising trustfulness and she gave human character to very important duties. As the prime minister Mrs. Szydło gave the best account of herself. She did much more than expected. She was courageous, brave, representing Poland in a dignified way and could resign from her post in a dignified way. The time when she was holding the post of the prime minister was particularly unpleasant, as she had to face up the united tone full of hatred, in which post-communist and German media were speaking. There were strong attempts to present Mrs. Prime Minister in the worst light, but she did not get dirty or lose a beat and she did not allow others to deprive her of a kind of natural woman’s feature or class’. Two words are associated with the prime minister Szydło: work and humility. One can clearly see that both in her life and in her ministry to the country, she follows values and is courageous to go against the flow, make brave and surprising decisions. We remember when she has recently wanted to defend the cross crowning the monument of St. John Paul II in France. When there were attempts to remove the cross, she suggested moving the monument in the whole to Poland. Beata Szydło always gives clear information, saying what is important to her. It has been so recently when in relation to the civilian action ‘Stop to abortion’ she declared that she would vote for passing the bill forbidding eugenic abortion.

One of the successes of the government of Beata Szydło was the help line for Polish families, and she became the beneficiary of the program ‘Family 500+’. Whereas the governmental program ‘Flat +’ is to help not only young families but also families with many children and all citizens but their own flats which they cannot afford. Finally, they have their own flats. There have already been the first flats allocations. The next success is employment – unemployment rate has reached the lowest level for 25 years. The government of Beata Szydło let a lot of people live in a dignified way and returned Poles their faith in the country. And the very Prime Minister impresses us with the fact that she does not hesitate to remain in the government in order to work in the team with the purpose of realizing other duties for the sake of Poland and Poles.

Translation: Aneta Amrozik

„Niedziela” 51/2018 (17 XII 2017)

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