Socialistic press is much more boring and false than socialism – deceased Stefan Kisielewski used to say with irritation. Today we can say that media of the Third Polish Republic are much more hypocritical and brutal than all pathologies of our country which was governed by communists and their children who changed into its owners. When we point to manipulations and lies, we often hear the answer: ‘Censorship? What censorship?! After all, everything can be published without any restrictions’. It is allegedly truth, but in fact, it is a lie.

After all, in the system of mutual communication it is not all about whether it is allowed to write or say something important, but, first of all, whether it can be done in a way allowing others to hear it. When somebody can create a website by himself, print a magazine at home, or broadcast in live through a mobile phone, a real tool of authority is possibility of copying this information, repeating it thousands of times, giving it the rank of a big event. And it requires lot of money and undergoes a lot of restrictions. What is the most visible is the one connected with concessions. This is a rare good, restricted with regulations and for the recent 25 years, it has been given only to relatives or acquaintances of a ruler. The heroic fight of the whole nation for the right of broadcasting by the Maryja Radio and Television Trwam proves the best how strongly the owners of the Third Polish Republic were guarding this good.

But there are other mechanisms of ruling over media. The distribution of advertisements from private companies and mostly the state ones, is conducted by the so-called media houses. In fact these are a few groups of companies which started possessing nodal points of advertisements’ distributions. They get budgets from companies and distribute. For usually mysterious reasons they say that the only suitable recipient of advertisement messages is only a consumer of leftist-liberal media, whereas the worst one – a Catholic and a patriot. As if the last group did not buy any yoghurts or cars, or go on holidays. And it is an obvious lie.

If a conservative newspaper copes with it anyway, there are other ways of blockage. For example, distribution in press places, where German publications, close to achievements in some segments of monopoly, demand on restricting exposition of Polish independent newspapers. When a newspaper reader does not see it, he will not buy it at all.

The situation was a bit improved only by internet. We are overwhelmed by lots of information, websites and portals, but only the richest ones can afford an advertisement, employing hundreds and thousands of people. Also those have a bonus there who earned on concessions earlier or have money from Berlin. And the circle closes.

The circle truly diabolical as these are matters fundamental for Poland. Media are a tool of violence, forcing out particular social, market and political attitudes. They are used for building authorities and often put disgraceful people in their roles, whereas they make the worthiest and wisest people insane. So, there is no possibility to defend Christian character of Poland and rebuild its economic strength without change of media. The domineering trend in them must finally start thinking in Polish way and for Poland.

A lot has been done. Media in Toruń appeared thanks to wisdom of Fr. Tadeusz Rydzyk, and are developing and thanks to generosity of Poles. Particular dioceses have maintained and strengthen their channels of communication, thanks to bishops. Secular groups also have got down to work, and, for example, on the market of weeklies it was possible to build a kind of a balance.

Now it is time to change public media. A cry which is caused by an attempt of returning them to the nation is observed by us every day. It is really astonishing that there are people who think that functions held there belong to them and they are owners of the Polish Television and Polish Radio. They are wrong. This is the common welfare which is to strengthen patriotism and strength of Poland, not cause destruction or demoralization.

Anyway, the world of media should be considered as a kind of a whole. Even if public media became only rightist, which is not visible, as they show a wide variety of opinions, pluralism in Poland might not be endangered in Poland at all. 90 per cent of press edition and information on TV or radio, will be hostile to the current government in the political dimension, and in the social sphere – teaching of the Church. It is a real picture of the situation. I hope that people responsible for the situation in the country are aware of it. And that they understand that renewal of public media is another step in building a balanced market of media without which there is no freedom or democracy. They must become brave for other changes, for example returning concession to new broadcasters. If they do not do it, the victory of the year 2015 and four years of reigns can turn out only an episode. And another authority will surely overcome the rest of independent media, as they do not know that they proved their significance. And then media of the Third Polish Republic will become much more terrible.


„Niedziela” 13/2016

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