The last dream of Fr. Jan Góra was giving the Holy Scripture with a special jubilee dedication of pope Francis to every participant of the XX Meetings of the Youth Lednica 2000, which will be held on June 4 2016. On the day of his death Father Jan started collecting money for this purpose. He managed to prepare a letter in which he asked friends of Lednica to fund the Holy Scripture for the youth.

‘We have already prepared the New Testament in the size of a mobile phone, so that it could be easily taken for every journey. Won’t it be beautiful when from the place where Mieszko I chose Christ 1050 years ago, today’s people will take the Good News? Help us fund the Holy Scripture for the youth. The whole needed amount of money is 300 thousand zlotys (100 thousand copies for 3 zloties)’ – Fr. Jan Góra wrote in his letter.

In order to fulfill the last wish of Father Jan, you can transfer money for the Holy Scripture for young people in Lednica 2000 at the bank account of the Association Lednica 2000 placed on the website: with the inscription: Donation for statutory purposes’.


„Niedziela” 2/2016

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