The European Union and the UN fight against Christianity

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Lucetta Scaraffia, co-author of the book 'Against Christianity. The UN and European Union as New Ideology', which was translated into Polish and published in the series 'Biblioteka 'Niedzieli'.

Last year the Publishing House Piemme published 'Contro il cristianesimo. L'ONU e I'Unione Europea come nuova ideologia'. This work, translated by Prof. Karol Klauza, is available for Polish readers (published by the editorial board of 'Niedziela', the Polish title: 'ONZ i Unia Europejska jako nowa ideologia'). The authors of the book, which is worth stressing, are three women: Prof. Lucetta Scaraffia (professor of modern history at the La Sapienza University in Rome, author of many books on the role of women in modern history and articles in Italian press), Eugenia Roccella (journalist, in the 1960s one of the leaders of the Women's Liberation Movement - Movimento per la Liberazione della Donna, at present she is very critical to abuses of radical feminism; the author of studies concerning feminism and a biographical dictionary of Italian women from Italy's unification in 1871 until modern times; she publishes articles in 'Ideazione' and 'Il Foglio', 'Il Giornale' and 'Avvenire') and Assuntina Morresi, University of Perugia, who prepared an extensive annex to the book.
The book is a well-documented accusation, directed against international organizations and institutions like the UN and the European Union, of promoting materialistic and utilitarian vision of man that is contrary to Christian anthropology as well as imposing new 'rights' and 'freedom' that are morally wrong and contrary to natural law. These organizations see the Church as the biggest obstacle to realize their new, utopian ideologies and that's why they use all possible means to destroy the Church.
I asked Prof. Lucetta Scaraffia, one of the authors of the book, to talk about the issues presented in the book.

Wlodzimierz Redzioch: - Why did you write a book about the war waged by the UN and the European Union against Christianity?

Prof. Lucetta Scaraffia: - For some time we were exchanging information about certain undertakings of the UN and the European Union and we reached the conclusion that actually nobody gave such pieces of information. Therefore, we decided to write a book on this subject in order to make people think. We embarked on this task although we are not specialists in this field. I lecture on modern history and Roccella is a journalist dealing with feminism. We asked Assuntina Morresi who searched the web pages for documentation, which was placed at the end of the book.

- Could you give us some examples of the anti-Catholic policy of the UN and the EU?

- A considerable part of the book has been devoted to this anti-Catholic policy. Many examples concern the European Union. It is enough to mention the accusations against the Church of not permitting women to priesthood and condemning abortion and 'marriages' of the same sex, which are recognized as inalienable rights in the EU circles. This is a form of discrediting the activities of the Church. Thus they try to convince people that the Church does not respect human rights and furthermore, it is an institution of the past and not a modern institution. The UN also attempts to discredit the Church but the United Nations act on different levels. One should mention that the Catholic Church is the only religious institution with a truly international range. Besides, it is headed by the Pope whose voice reaches everywhere. That's why, all those who want to destroy traditional religions regard the Church as the most dangerous religious institution. They accuse it of fundamentalism because it rejects equality of all religions, i.e. the Church maintains that the truth exists only in the person of Jesus Christ and his Gospels.

- What is the new ideology of international organizations that want to replace the Christian vision of man?

- First of all, I would like to stress that I do not believe in any theory of conspiracy. But I think new ideologies of utopian character have filled the vacuum that communism left. Since communism turned out to be a fiasco it was replaced by less 'aggressive' ideologies but they are not less dangerous. In accordance with these ideologies man can create a paradise for himself on the earth if he fulfils his desires. That's why all limitations that make this impossible should be invalidated. The most important desire is to control life and death, the matters man has never been able to interfere in. There is something mysterious about human life and although man has made great technological progress in genetic engineering, artificial insemination, etc., the mechanisms of life have not been known. But people do their best to discover them and are told that it is possible.
The second ideology of the present times is the utopia of equality, i.e. the conviction that the more 'equal' people are the happier they are. That's why, in the words of this ideology, we must abolish the differences between man and woman, and all things that highlight these differences are evil. Therefore, according to this logic there should be no differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals. The problem is that heterosexual men and women can have normal families and children and the homosexuals cannot. Naturally, that does not mean that homosexuals must be discriminated but we should oppose the concepts of artificial equality.

- This explains why in the post-communist government in Poland one of the ministerial offices was taken by a specialist in liberal-left-wing gender ideology, the ideology that was promoted in media and that wants to abolish the traditional concept of sex...

- Gender ideology, which wants to blur the line between sexes, is actually an example of forcing this type of artificial equality. According to this ideology being a woman or a man depends on culture, i.e. the way children are brought up.

- That's why the Church, which repeats after the Bible that God created woman and man, becomes the main enemy of the 'followers' of this new ideology, an obstacle to progress...

- It is obvious that the Church, which claims that the difference between woman and man is blessed by God and consequently fertile in every sense, becomes an enemy that should be destroyed.

- Following the UN debates one can have the impression that the biggest problem women have in the contemporary world is their access to contraceptives and abortion. There are even attempts to acknowledge abortion as 'fundamental human right'. Why is it so?

- Because abortion means total domination over the most vulnerable human being. The will to dominate over defenceless life expresses the desire to have power. It is an expression of wrongly understood freedom that people, especially women, want to ascribe to themselves. The source of all these things is the false idea that women will be emancipated when they stop to acknowledge their biological roles: according to this logic women and men become equal when they are free, i.e. when women can control the fact of their motherhood.

- A forum on religion was created in the UN but its participants included people who had nothing to do with religion. How then can we evaluate this international inter-religious organ?

- The official aim of this organ is to support inter-religious dialogue and to prevent religious conflicts at this moment of history when such conflicts seem to be particularly dangerous. However, when you carefully analyse the statute of the organ you can reach the conclusion that the true reason is to destroy traditional religions and to replace them with one new international religion that does not assume God's existence and instead it accepts, widely understood, human rights as its foundation. That's why it proposes abortion, marriage of the same sex, etc. I would call these new 'human' religions humanitarianism or a humanitarian religion. Benson, the author of the book 'Lord of the World', foresaw that in 1907.

- Very influential ideological and political groups use the United Nations and the European Union so that in the name of progress and new human rights they can impose upon all nations their vision of human being and the world. How should particular countries defend themselves against this more and more pushy cultural and ideological aggression?

- One way of defence would be to inform people about all the things, which happen in the UN and the EU since the information in media is partial and bias. To tell you the truth, all items of information are available in the Internet; we have used that source. But who conducts such researches? So I repeat that one should inform people. Then we should expose the essence of the protests against such activities of the international organizations. If we do not explain the reasons of the protests the public opinion may seem to believe that they deal with actions of conservative and reactionary character and this is not the case. On the contrary I think that the attacks on Catholic morality are carried out by the new avant-garde, critical and active minorities, which are the ferment of the world. Evidence that things are going to change for the better was the vote in the European Parliament concerning the law on stem cell research. To be sure, the motion could not blocked but for the first time a proposed law did not received enough votes. We need to consider that 'the green' voted like the Catholic members. This is a sign that the Catholic organizations as well as certain non-Catholic circles make a kind of cultural revolution. This revolution begins by exposing the lies of the false progressives. Utopian ideas make people stop using the mind. When they believe that some utopian idea can be fulfilled they are ready to follow behaviour, which cannot be morally accepted. By unmasking false utopian ideas we give people a possibility to think.

- Recently international organizations have been used by strong, ubiquitous and aggressive lobby of homosexuals (it is enough to mention that a group of homosexuals coming from all political groups is the biggest 'club' in the European Parliament). This lobby carried out a frontal attack against the Catholic Church, which has been accused of homophobia. What are the true objectives of the stormy activities of the 'Internationale' of homosexuals and lesbians?

- Being a historian I see these problems as the fruit of 50 years of separation between the sphere of procreation and sexual life. The process of separation began when pharmacological contraceptives were introduced and thus women could break with their biological role. When sexual life is separated from procreation there is also discord between marriage and sexual life on the one hand and procreation on the other hand. In this situation homosexual forms of life become in accordance with new rules. Procreation is something sacred. If sexual life is separated form sexuality it becomes only a game that loses its depth and becomes something superficial. A game must be fun, so every form of sexual relationship, which entertains, is permissible. That's why homosexual acts become more common. Psychological researches say that people, who were not homosexual, choose homosexual behaviour for various reasons. For example, women who are disappointed with sexual contacts with men seek comfort in homosexual relationships, which become some kind of shelter, one of the reasons being that homosexualism gained prestige it has never had before.

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