Terror of political correctness and a caricature of tolerance

Czeslaw Ryszka

The Italian philosopher and MEP Rocco Buttiglione warns, ‘Currently, there is a terror of political correctness and caricature of tolerance in Europe.’ And at the same time he appeals to politicians to reflect while voting bills against the family. Unfortunately, the Polish politicians seem to be deaf to these words, which is testified by the Senate’s amendment of the Family and Foster Care Support Act, which would not allow homosexuals to run family orphanages and be foster parents, rejected by the Parliament by the votes of the Civic Platform (PO), the Polish Peasants’ Party (PSL) and the Left-wing. It is obvious that the MPs indirectly accepted the same-sex partner relationships, which function in the West, allowing them to create foster families and thus making way for homosexuals to pass a bill concerning partner relationships and adoption of children by such relationships in the Polish law (the Democratic Left Alliance has already prepared such a draft bill). During the debate the MPs of the Civic Platform tried to convince us of the inalienable rights and human dignity of those having a different sexual orientation but, unfortunately, they forgot about the child’s happiness and good. They did not mention the rights of these parents whose children must be given to foster parents for various reasons whether they would like their children to be brought up in such foster families where instead of a mother and father there are two mummies and two daddies!
The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has become involved in defending homosexuals, appealing to the Speaker of the Polish Parliament with the demand to remove the amendment of the Senate, which introducing the criterion of sexual orientation to the bill, contradicts the Constitution. The Foundation reminds him of Article 32, point 2 of the Constitution stating that ‘No one shall be discriminated against in political, social or economic life for any reason whatsoever.’ During the debate before the voting the MPs of the Civic Platform showed that the amendment of the Senate was unrealizable because it was not known who and how was to verify someone’s homosexualism. And besides, as the MPs of the Civic Platform explained, if the homosexual partners behaved properly, if they did their jobs well we should not be interested in their sexual orientation.
Today it is not enough to remind people that a family means a father, mother and children. Even referring to the constitution will do nothing. Liberal MPs, having the majority of votes, force the irrational, non-natural changes in the law, passing harmful solutions on the model of the West. In my opinion such harmful solutions are the ‘anti-spanking’ law, suggesting that if a parent spanks his/her child it is a harmful deed, i.e. abusing the child. Moreover, the bill on ‘counteracting violence in the family’ allows officials to take children from families without the consent of any court. Now we are striving to introduce changes that are beginning to function in Europe as ‘homosexual family.’ Although some laugh at it and some oppose it one should remember that it is a form of struggling for our awareness. Let us notice how often the media stress that in free or partner relationships the mood for upbringing is better, that two daddies or two mummies can play with children better, etc. Perhaps no media have described any cases of violence towards children in homosexual relationships. The media always speak about violence in the family, which evokes certain associations: discouragement towards natural families.
Thinking of the bill on foster families one should praise the solemn plans of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy aiming at creating family houses for children, promoting foster families, foster care, auxiliary families, educating family assistants, foster family coordinators, etc. instead of orphanages. But can we give children under the care of homosexuals? What is that political correctness and compliance towards the homosexual lobby for? What is the real meaning of demanding rights and tolerance for partner relationships? After all nobody forbids anyone to lead life with whomever he or she wants. Those who choose such lives are not marked or threatened. The Polish law does not discriminate homosexuals but it does not only guarantee them additional family rights. Because it cannot do so. It would be complete absurdity to make such relationships equal with families. The perspective of a married couple is to bear and bring up next generations and the perspective of a partner relationship is temporary comfort and the ideology of political correctness and tolerance that is domineering in today’s Europe. Unfortunately, their first victims are the weak, in this case – children. But ultimately, all people will bear the consequences because fighting against the family is cutting the roots of our existence and development.

"Niedziela" 26/2011

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