‘In the Knights’ Hall at Jasna Góra, on 25 April this year, a photographic exhibition was opened, entitled; ‘From Ocean to Ocean’– the first phase of the peregrination of the copy of the Częstochowa Icon through the world in defense of life’. The peregrination has comprised 24 countries of Asia and Europe so far. ‘Sunday’ wrote a lot about this unusual international work, organized by pro-life movements in the intention of life defense. The opening of the exhibition at Jasna Góra was participated in by archbishop WacławDepo – the metropolitan of Częstochowa, Father Zachariasz Jabłoński – the general Definitor of the Pauline’s Order and Ewa Kowalewska – a coordinator of the project and the representative of Human Life International. There were a lot of members of the Institute of Primate Wyszyński, supporting the initiative ‘From Ocean to Ocean’, from the very beginning.

Ewa Kowalewska reminded that the peregrination started on 28 January 2012 at Jasna Góra, with a meeting of life-defenders from 18 countries, touching a copy of the icon to the Miraculous Image of Our Lady and blessing it by archbishop Stanisław Nowak . Photos, displayed in the exhibition, document all phases of the journey from Vladivostok to Portugese Fatima. – When we were preparing this peregrination, we did not suppose that it would take place in the Year of Faith – said Ewa Kowalewska.- However, that’s true that Our Lady wanted it to be in the Year of Faith. It is difficult to imagine a more meaningful testimony of faith of millions of people who come to pray to Our Lady in defense of life civilization.

Although numbers are not the most important here, organizers estimated that the route of the previous peregrination totaled 65 thousand km, 250 thousand leaflets with the image of Our Lady of Częstochowa and the Act of Entrustment of the life and love civilization to Her protection, were given out during it. The Icon visited 50 Orthodox Churches , a few hundred Catholic Churches, as well as schools, hospitals, monasteries and prisons. Archbishop Wacław Depo expressed his acknowledgement to Ewa Kowalewska and her family, in relation to the preparation of such an important exhibition, presenting the process of the peregrination ‘From Ocean to Ocean’ and an excellent welcome of Our Lady of Częstochowa, the Queen of Poland, in so many countries and cities.

– I would like to name the today’s exhibition, in the same way as the very masterpiece, in the spirit of the Year of Faith, a new adherence to Christ through the intercession of Mary – the Metropolitan of Częstochowa said to the gathered. – It is impossible not to recall this basic fact for us, which was a meeting with the Miraculous Image of Our Lady, or as we call it – ‘the holy kiss’ of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady from the chapel, with the picture travelling in the peregrination for over 50 years. Today this ‘holy kiss’ is confirmed by this next peregrination and as God’s servant, cardinal Stefan Wyszyński used to say: let it last all the time, let it go through Poland. But it has gone through not only Poland, but through Europe and the world. And today, we also thank God, that in the Year of Faith which we are experiencing, we can multiply joy of the new discovery of the space of heart and mind for God, for Christ through the intercession of our beloved Mother and Queen – emphasized archbishop Depo.

Whereas, Father Zachariasz Jabłoński stated that although in the beginning it was difficult to comprise the space from Vladivostok to Fatima by imagination, this work has been fulfilled. – Let this peregrination go further onto other continents and bring joy to those who have been closed up to God’s action so far and may have been against life in a various form.

These wishes are close to be fulfilled. As organizers informed, in the nearest months, the second phase of the peregrination is being planned – in the United States of America.


"Niedziela" 18/2013

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