Gender ideology destroys a cradle of humankind - a family

Anna Cichobłazińska talks with Fr. dr. hab. Dariusz Oko from the Papal University of John Paul II

Anna Cichobłazińska: - In media there appear more and more terms: gender, ideology of gender, totalitarianism of gender, philosophy of gender. What does this term mean and why is it so dangerous?

Fr. Dariusz Oko: We should speak not so much about 'philosophy' but about 'ideology' of gender. Philosophy is a radical search for the truth and the good, whereas the ideology is a tool of a ruthless fight about one's interests also at the cost of the truth and the good. It is to lead to the victory of opinions and satisfying of egoistic desires of a social group at the cost of even the biggest harm done to other groups. In this sense, gender is a classic example of an ideology, is a tool in a ruthless fight for benefits for the atheistic gender and homo-lobby. The name itself comes from the English word gender which used to be a grammatical term of sexes earlier, unlike the word sex meaning the biological sexes. At present the word 'gender' was first used to define sexes in a cultural sense. It is also the main axiom of this ideology, that our sexes are, first of all, defined not in a biological but cultural sense in an educational process, that is, we are not born as human beings of male or female sexes, but we are created so after our births. This is the fact on which ideologists of gender build their theory, that is, a cornerstone. It is assumed that our sexual identity does not result from nature but culture, and it can be said that it is our invention or even a kind of our fantasy. So, in relation to it, it is nearly completely elastic and can be formed in an educational process now, according to the ideology of gender the best.
In this way the whole avalanche is moving, because even if a thing as natural and obvious as sexes can be formed culturally, and is to be a matter of agreement, then all other things can be formed in the same way. In this way a range of possibilities opens for social engineers, about which even communists did not dream about.

- What is at the base of these assumptions?

- Spiritual attitudes of creators of gender ideology. First of all, these are leftist atheists, the leftists. Atheism builds on the fundamental, false assumption of non-existence of God and, consequently, it understands the man and the world in a false way. It is as if a baby, living in the womb of a mother would state that his mother does not exist at all. Then the baby will go from absurd to absurd. Atheism is like a mistake made at the beginning of equations string, which will reappear at each of their next phase and will not allow for gaining a correct result. Because it is a big mistake, it has also bad consequences. It is not accidental, it results from the very essence of the thinking of an atheist, that the biggest cultural and economic mistakes, and also the biggest crimes in the history of the mankind were made by atheists, and also (mortal) enemies of Christianity (who never regretted it publicly and did not apologize). About 50 million of victims of the Second World War should be included in the account of Nazism, at least 150 million of victims should be included into the account of communism, as a result of its all revolutions, purges and other social 'experiments'. The very extermination of richer peasants' families in Russia reached about 7 million of victims, the Great Famine in Ukraine engulfed maybe even 14 million of our eastern neighbours, the Cultural Revolution in China cost about 40 million of human beings. People who are the most fierce enemies of God, they are also becoming the most fervent servants of satan. We should remember that it is just satan who becomes the basic source of their way of thinking. However, after this ocean of crimes and absurd, atheists find it difficult to gain the authority through classical Marxism, it is too discredited for it. Also their atheistic assumptions are like mental chains and shackles, which do not allow for going further towards the truth. They are somehow 'doomed' to move around in a small area of atheism, they cannot come out into more open areas, or understand more things. Moreover, like every man, they need a kind of worldview, a kind of sense, a kind of a special understanding the reality. When the simple Marxism cannot hold these functions any more, they invented its mutation, that is, gender ideology. They are also creating an illusion of mission and service. As they 'used to help' workers and peasants, seizing the whole authority for themselves in this way, and creating the worst and the bloodiest dictatorships known in the history, so now they want to 'help' people sexually different and by the way they want to gain the totalitarian authority. Because they are spiritual or even physical descendants of the worst and atheistic offenders, one should expect that they will be similarly wicked, hypocritical and ruthless in their actions.

- Exactly, why are they talking about sex so much, and are concentrated on it?

- It is typical for atheism. If what is the supreme and the most spiritual in a man is negated, that is, his community with God and people, the human existence is getting poor anyway and a man is falling into what is lower and purely physiological. And sexuality belongs to the most powerful forces of our carnality, hence there is its overestimation, passive subordination to it and separation from love and responsibility leads easily to servitude, a search for one's fulfilment and happiness, nearly only within its limits, also on the way of behaviours which are very distorted. For this reason atheists become sex-maniacs and sex-addicts and they want to impose these ill attitudes on the society.

- Are there other sources of this ideology?

- Yes, it is necessary to mention three more at least. These are, certainly, fighting gays, who want to promote their evidently distorted lifestyle as possibly the best one, adding a theory to their proceeding. These are also fanatic feminists (also often lesbians), who want to 'free' women from motherhood, children, family and men, within 'liberation'. The motivations of these two groups can be partially understood on the basis of evident harms and injustices, which they often had in the past. However, you cannot ignore dislike, resentment and even hatred of these people, addressed against normal men. After the 'class war' the 'gender war' is being proclaimed. However hatred and willingness of a revenge are never good advisors. For example, the Second World War was, to large extent, a result of willingness of the Germans to 'take a revenge' for their loss in the First World War.

- And what is the third source?

- It can be even said that the ideology gender is supported by all enemies of God and religion, especially biblical religions - Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Here, the significant power are, certainly, freemasons and also a group of the richest American multimillionaires, who started believing that on the Earth there are too many people and therefore, they are investing gigantic money in contraception, abortion and development and promotion of the ideology, all over the world. It is all about the maximum of sex and the minimum of children. People possessed by sexuality, are much easier to steer, manipulate, because their mind is absorbed mainly in this sphere. In our cultural environment, gender became the main weapon of the enemies of faith, their intellectual battering ram, around which they are gathering and are focused. They know well why. It is impossible to find a harmony between gender ideology and Christianity, similarly as between bolshevism and Christianity. Here is the radical either-or, either this or that.

- A lot is even said about a complete danger of this ideology…

- It is a right thing to say about the gender of totalitarianism because those people really want a total authority, they want to dominate everything and govern everything, they want to make everybody happy by force, that is, make everybody slaves or hostages of their ideology. It is somehow included in the logics of atheistic ideologies. They are making a man purely biological, they consider people basically as a kind of more intelligent animals, but, certainly, they consider themselves as the most intelligent animals. And stronger animals kill and eat up the weaker ones. Hence, there is a justification for earlier and contemporary crimes. Earlier for Kołyma and today for breaching basic human rights of believers, for incredible contempt towards us. For example, it is seen in the incredible arrogance and hatred, in which others speak about us in media and in politics. It is not accidental that atheists supporting gender ideology in politics the most, and in media, like JanuszPalikot and Jerzy Urban, also set Polish records of a language of cynicism, hatred, vulgarity and contempt. This is the way in which they destroy the basic human right for respect of his dignity, as well as other rights. They also include the right for participation in the social, democratic and media life, which is being destroyed by the exclusion of media of oppositionists, because there is no democracy without opposition, and there is no opposition without free media. They also include the holy right of parents for upbringing their children according to their own culture and beliefs, which is being breached through imposing upbringing on children, according to the gender ideology (that is, according to sexual maniacs). In this way Poland and other western countries are becoming a place of destroying the basic human rights. There are many similarities between gender ideology and Marxism: atheistic pride, hypocrisy and violence, a complete lack of respect towards others, similar defeats of the reason and atheistic conscience. Marxists murdered people of different opinions, gender ideologists show their contempt towards people of different opinions and, for the time being, they are murdering with words. Communists imprisoned or murdered for one sentence of criticism of Stalin, gender ideologists also want to imprison for one sentence of criticism of their ideology, they want to 'treat' 'homophobia' in a similar way as Stalinism ideologists 'were treating' the rightist 'perversions'. It means that they are excluding themselves from any criticism and they are putting themselves over it. In their opinion, other people, especially the Catholics, can be insulted endlessly - but nobody can insult them.

- In fact, we should ask a question how such an attitude develops?

- It is again something typical for atheism. Undoubtedly we notice that an atheist generally do not believe in any God - except for himself. It is understandable, who does not believe in God, he ascribes God's features to himself. This is the way in which homo-lobby functions, because not being subordinated to any criticism is God's feature. But when a man starts ascribing divine features to himself, an abyss is opening up - it was so from Neron to Stalin. Indeed, it is also satan's pride - 'I will not serve, I will not accept the order of the nature established by God. I will create new laws myself and I will be God myself. Therefore, the present Holy Father Francis, still being a primate of Argentina, used to warn us against being na?ve, so that to be aware that the gender ideology -as well as homo-ideology are the works of the satan. The future pope experienced a truly satan attack of media and politicians. However, he only confirmed these words and showed how much God wants us to oppose to this sinister ideology.

- The issue of gender mostly appears in the context of education: we have companies, associations of education against discrimination of sexes, studies of gender at renowned universities, trainers of gender are advertising their workshops at schools, etc. These institutions are supported by organisations of worldly range (UNO), European organisations (EU) or state organisations (education ministry, health ministry).The facilities of such authorities for the gender ideology are supposed to fool a man who has no knowledge about it. How can we defend against gender ideology?

- In fact these institutions became an addition to the gender ideology - like the Polish 'government' did for the rulers of Moscow once. It was similar with communism. All institutions in socialistic countries had to function according to the rules of Marxism and every student had to take an exam of Marxism- Leninism. Finally, one-third of the globe was under the rule of communism. However, slowly, people stopped recognizing these cruel absurd, as nobody, neither the governed nor the governing believed it, Marxism got degraded to the miserable cover for bare greed of gaining and maintaining the authority. These processes are described in the most accurate way by prof. Leszek Kołakowsk in his famous work entitled: 'Main trends of Marxism - the beginning, development and degradation'. And he is one of the most prominent philosophers of our times, who moved fluently from the criticism of Marxism to the criticism of gender ideology, discovering totalitarian mechanisms in it. Now we have a phase of development of gender ideology, degradation will come later. At present ideological violence is imposed not by tanks, but by powerful political and financial centres. Like Moscow was trying to impose communism on us, today Brussels or UNO want to impose gender ideology on us. As once we had to fight with a lie and violence of communism, today we must fight with a lie and violence of the gender ideology. And it is inevitable. People who are atheists, enemies of the Church, will be attacking us. Enemies of God are also the enemies of the Christians. In their language, which should be more understandable for them, 'teo-phobia', are also becoming 'Christ-phobia' and 'hetero-phobia'. For this reason Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world, because it is the best, the closest religion to God. It is estimated that about 70 million Christians were murdered, most of them in XX century, the century of the biggest ideological crazy things. Moreover, just at this moment atheists of North Korea are imprisoning, torturing and murdering thousands of Christians in their concentration camps. Hatred which we are experiencing from gender ideologists is only a part of bigger worldwide hatred.

- And what does the Church say about rights equality?

- We must remember that Christianity has done the most for equality of rights for sexes. It is not accidental that - although there is still a lot to improve - it is just in the countries of the Christian culture where the situation of women or people who are differently disabled is the best. How often I heard from women participating in pilgrimages to the countries of atheism, Islam or Hinduism that they are glad with living in Catholic countries after this experience. The Gospel is working slowly but effectively, teaching us the most respect towards every man who is like the space and the cathedral as a child. A woman and a man, together, not separately, are an image of God, and they are complementing each other perfectly. It is also one of the sources of world successes of the Christian culture. A liberated man works and creates better than an enslaved man - with the benefit for himself and the whole society. In our country it concerns especially women and other groups which have been experiencing harm for a long time. However, Christianity is trying to have a society as a community of communities, not as a permanent war of everybody against everything.

- But the supporters of the gender ideology seem to be so powerful…

- First of all, we must have a calm attitude towards it, look in a far, safe and the final perspective. The fight belongs to the essence of our life. On the level of the body we are being attacked by millions, milliards of bacteria and viruses, which want to live at our cost and destroy us. In order to live, we must fight against them, we must produce millions and milliard of white blood cells, which are our soldiers and defenders. This fight has been taking place in our veins 24 hours, a victory in it is a condition of life.
But it is similar in the spiritual world. People who live in a wrong way of thinking or a big illusion or a lie, also need justification for their existence, so they are producing other theories, similarly wrong and absurd, like their whole life. They must somehow justify their teo-phobias, Christ-phobias, hetero-phobias. In order to become more self-confident, they are also trying to impose these absurd theories upon the whole society. It is one of the basic sources of spiritual bacteria and viruses going about in our culture, and the gender theory can even have a 'glorious' name of the 'spiritual Aids' in our times. For as the HIV viruses weaken the immunological system of the man, the viruses gender weaken the human critical way of thinking. Accepting such an absurd, it is more possible to accept another absurd, too.
Nevertheless, if the most absurd theory becomes a tool of powerful groups, it can be successful. After all, once at all universities in Germany, first Hegelianism was reigning, and later Nazism. At all universities of the 'socialistic camp' Marxism was reigning (in Cuba and North Korea it has been reigning even till today).Whereas professors of Catholic universities, who used to criticize these absurd theories, were persecuted, and even murdered. However, history admitted their right way of thinking, therefore, we must respect their opinions, when they say that it is going to be similarly with the gender theory. It is only a matter of time.

- But what can an ordinary man do, when he is being attacked by these ideologies all the time?

- First of all, he should become resistant to it, similarly as we became resistant to the communist propaganda, and he should realize the fact that it must be understood the other way round. When a quarter of century ago communist media used to praise somebody, we saw that it must have been a man living in an extremely wicked way. Whereas when somebody was being attacked suddenly, we saw that it must have been a man extremely noble, valuable. It is similar today, when the most powerful media are in the hands of post-communists, when they are promoting homosexuality so much and are attacking the Church with such hatred, and it is like once we used to look for underground 'tissue paper', and now we must look for other, less powerful, but truthful media - like, for example, the Catholic weekly 'Sunday'. This criticism and searching for suitable sources of truth are very important, otherwise producers of a lie become lords of our minds and hearts. It is also necessary to make wise political decisions, in order to prevent or move away people from the authority, if they do not behave according to the reality, but an ideology. It is also necessary to get engaged in politics, because if honest people avoid it, wicked people, and even offenders will govern us. After gaining the political power they can easily dominate the whole society and all its institutions.

- A school is becoming a particular field of struggles now…..

- Yes, after a failure of introducing homosexual couples, a fight is focused on the school. Supporters of the gender ideology want to introduce sexual education according to the program of gender ideologists, which would be compulsory for everybody - that is, people who are just quite sexually deviant. In their books it is forbidden to use such words as 'mother', 'father', 'married couple', 'fidelity', but there is a promotion of such words as 'a parent A', 'a parent B', 'partnership for a time length of life'. Generally, the program is based on extremely primitive anthropology, it reduces love to physiology, promotes sex without any restrictions, that is, incredible promiscuity and licentiousness. I know it very well from various western countries, where I have spent 10 years altogether. It looks particularly in such a way that, for example, during such lessons in Germany, 12-year-old girls are forced to put on condoms on artificial penises, and later lick them as lollipops and evaluate their tastes. Parents, who do not send their child for these lessons, undergo even imprisonment and deprivation of their parental rights. In Switzerland, Basel, 4-year-old children are given artificial penises in erection and parted vagina for their play. Because, according to the gender ideologists, sex must be taught in the early years of their life, and this proves who we are dealing with. It is seen that here the satan's plan is being realised: depravation and atheism through sexualisation. People possessed by sex want others to live similarly and this is extremely dangerous, because it destroys the home of humankind, impairs or makes it impossible for the development of humankind, destroys the future of the family. After such an education, the youth can easily fall into promiscuity, sex-addiction, become unable either to believe or to get married and start a family. In this sense the gender ideology is much worse than bolshevism, because the latter ideology was destroying social and economic relationships, and the first one is destroying the humankind and the family. Introducing the gender ideology is like introducing compulsory lessons of pornography, it is a terrible violence against the soul of a child, which can ruin his whole future. It is unbelievable contempt against the dignity and the rights of his and his parents.

- Poisonous fruits of these actions are seen now, aren't they?

- Yes, they are, first of all, in the form of the European demographic crisis. People brought up in this way, are aiming at the maximum of pleasure and sex, but the minimum of children. A child becomes only a very troublesome ballast in pursuit of still new sensations and partners. Hence, there is much sex, many partners, many venereal illnesses, a lot of abortions, but very few married couples, few families and few children. This is so in Germany, where, statistically there is 0.9 of a child per a German woman, and, in order to maintain the same level of population, the minimum of 2.1 children is needed per a woman. Germany has one of the lowest birthrate in the world. There are 60 children per 100 pensioners, and only 40 grandchildren. But also most Germans betray their wives, and in this country there are about 400 thousand prostitutes, that is, 1 per cent of women inhabiting this country, 'are working' in this character. Every day they have about a million two hundred thousand 'clients', that is, about 3 per cent of men of this country. In Marseille, the Arabian language became the first o language, the French language got onto the second place. These are the fruits of the mentality of a total promiscuity. Similarly as communism was leading to the economic collapse of the country, the gender ideology is leading to the destruction of the family and the demographic catastrophe. There is the whole ocean of sex, but there are no children. In this way, whole areas of Europe start being similar to a bawdy house in which there is no place for children.

- It is understood by people who are responsible, bright-minded, but if the educational programs prepared in the Education Ministry are also supported by such organizations as the World Health Organization, Health Ministry, the Polish Academy of Sciences, because in its headquarters there was a conference about shocking aspects of sexual education in schools, then the average Blacksmith is confused. How to defend our children?

- We must defend them with all our strength, because they are the biggest treasure and the subject of the biggest responsibility. We must not allow people, who are ideologically and sexually perverted, approach schools and children. We must emphasize that attempts to bring up children against the deepest and the holiest beliefs of parents, is a heavy crime, a kind of kidnapping, where the state has a duty and a right to persecute and punish. Educating Christian children according to the gender ideology is like forcing Jewish children to convert to Islam. Nobody has a right to encroach onto the sanctuary of the family in boots and with a bludgeon. Therefore, we must take part in marches and other protest forms, write and send letters to the Minister of Education and other members of the government, publicize scandals in media and look for private help, and we must not be scared of judicial fight. We must also control well what is happening at school, we must look carefully at its lessons. The headmaster has not got any right to do anything in this sphere without parents' agreement. It is very important to publicize any abuses in this sphere, because the evil likes acting in the dark. The rule of gender ideologists is 'revolution from the top', 'march through institutions'. Taking over media and centres of authority, they are trying to impose on the majority what would never be accepted on the democratic way. In this way they also turn out to be the enemies of democracy.

- Do such endeavours bring a success?

- Certainly, they do. However, in the USA, one would go into prison for giving lessons of sexual education in the style of the European gender ideology to underage children. Thanks to protests of Mrs Gabriele Kuba in Germany it was possible to force the Ministry of Education to withdraw the gender brochure, in which parents were persuaded into pedophile behaviours towards their children. In Basel, parents forced the cantonal authorities to withdraw these educational aids in the form of the penis and the vagina from kindergartens. In Norway the government withdrew (after 30 years) from financing gender ideologists, because they have finally discredited themselves so much. The march of gender ideologists was stopped in Hungary, Lithuania, in Estonia and Russia. It is still forbidden to say a little about it in Islamic countries, in Lithuania homo-propaganda is legally forbidden. It is possible to win against an absurd, but one must only want it and be well-organized.

- And what chances do we have in Poland?

- Especially very good. As we proved it in the XX century, when such large, wise nations, as the Germans and the Russians, our neighbours, got subjected to the craziness of the gender ideology. In Poland it was not successful voluntarily, these ideologies had to be brought from outside, implemented via bombs, tanks and bayonets, in the darks of Gestapo and tortures of the Security Offices. We have not become so stupefied to let ourselves be so seduced. We owe it, first of all, to our faith, because the more real faith there is in minds and hearts, the less place there is for ideologies, that is, especially wrong beliefs. Therefore, communism has always been the weakest in our country, and collapsed the fastest. We owe it especially to the Church. This is the reason why we have a right to be proud, and it can be an unusual gift for Europe - our faith and criticism towards the ideologies which we built on very deep faith and (often very bloody) experience.

- So, what can we build our hope on?

- Certainly, we must look at everything in God's perspective, the final one, that is, somehow, 'from the top', in a metaphysical way. And from this perspective every evil is weaker than God, its every victory is local and little and temporary. The gender-empire will collapse and fall apart like it was in the case of the 'invincible, 1000-year-old' Reich and 'the camp of brotherly socialistic countries', built on Marxism, that is, on the 'brightest scientific theory, which has been ever seen and was to be seen by the humankind'. It is all about its appearing as soon as possible, and its absorbing as few victims as possible, especially, among children and the youth. Our contribution in it is a holy and joyful duty of everybody of us.

Fr. Dariusz Oko, born in 1960 in Oświęcim, a priest in the diocese of Cracow, dr. hab. of philosophy and dr. of theology, an employee of the Philosophy Department of the Papal University of John Paul II in Cracow. After his priestly ordination, he had studied for 6 years at universities of Germany, Italy and the USA. For 28 years of his priesthood, he has been engaged in academic work and priestly ministry (as a permanent resident in Polish, European and American parishes). For 16 years he has been a priest for students and for 16 years he has been a priest for Health Service of the Archdiocese of Cracow. During his studies, academic conferences and pilgrimages with doctors, he spent about 10 years abroad, visited over 40 countries on 6 continents. He is also known for his journalistic activity, especially by the criticism of liberal theology and gender ideology, homo-ideology and homo-heresy.


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