Over a million of participants – according to organizers - were gathered in Paris in another big protest of the opponents of the act about ‘marriage for everybody’, obliging from 18 May 2013. It allows for, among the others, ‘marriages’ of people of the same sex and adoption of children by them.

Before there was a meeting of Invalids on Esplanade, 4 marches, going from various parts of the city, went through the streets of the capital of France. In the opinion of police, there were only 150 thousand of protesters. ‘Count us!’ – the protestants were shouting when seeing people filming their march from the last floors of the Museum of Modern Art.

– The time of protest has finished- said Frigide Barjot, a spokeswoman of the collective ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ of the TV station BFM organizing the protest. In her opinion, it is necessary to start the ‘policy of contestation’ because the act introduces the civilizational change. Barjot did not take part in the protest because she had received threats.

– The next meeting should be held at ballot boxes during self-governmental elections – said Jean-Francois Cope to journalists, who is the leader of the oppositional Union for the sake of the People’s Movement.

– ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ will continue its fight’ – announced the representative of the collective Ludvine de la Rochere, speaking from the tribune placed on the Esplanade of Invalids. The collective intends to oppose to spreading the gender ideology in schools.

– The logical consequence is joining a political party – said one of protesters, Augustin Bevillard, to the journal ‘La Croix’. Other protesters emphasized: ‘When there is a belief, it is necessary to defend them till the end’ and ‘Our movement makes you think’. – I am more courageous to pray with the Church – added 32-year-old Etiene Bernard, conducting studies from mathematics.


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