I understood how important is every human, the most ordinary life. Every life is the universe – says a nun and a missionary working in Kazakhstan for 12 years. –Sometimes it is a route of 100 km through snow, rough terrains by various means of transport, in order to meet two students or one elderly woman. Now I know, that it has sense’.

‘Exhumations on a meadow’ – how oddly and innocently this press title sounds. How many young people will read and reflect on it, how many of them know what these pieces of information concern?

After all, this title implies the most tragic sufferings and crimes done on the Polish nation in the last half a century! The most courageous Poles were murdered. They were murdered after the war, treacherously, during peace, in Poland, called People’s Poland, socialistic Poland. Those who were murdering, the enemies of Poland, did not disappear, but some of them still work today in the administration of justice.

A touching view, a number of identical coffins from raw wood, without surnames, distinctions, titles. We touch holiness. Being exhausted, battered by ornery investigators, kept in inhuman conditions, till they were hanged or shot in caves of the Security Services. Later they were buried secretly, at night, in hidden places, so that the memory of them would be gone. The most excellent commanders, officers of free Poland, diplomats, insurgents of Warsaw, people of the Polish village who did not want to give their land. I see faces of murdered Poland: the general Fieldorf, the Captain Pilecki, defenders of the Polish Coast or a young nurse Danusia Siedzikówna…Thousands of victims. The elite of the nation was murdered and today we do not have any authority figures. It must be clearly said who murdered. ‘Every evil has a face of a particular man or a woman, surname, name, colour of eyes. A particular person is responsible for every evil’ – said John Paul II. Omnipresent lie, intrigues, lack of trustfulness. The symbol of Poland is the Smoleńsk catastrophe and everything which is connected with explanation of this inconceivable tragedy. Only a fool thinks that he will hide the truth. Fooling the poor nation. How long will it last?


"Niedziela" 32/2013

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