A great treasure for Polish believers is Jasna Góra. And not to say about us, editorial office of 'Niedziela' which has a particularly close relationship with Jasna Góra, both because of localization and an exceptional cooperation with the Pauline Fathers and significance of Jasna Góra Our Lady of Word for us, - 'Mater Verbi'. Especially today, when the Fathers are working under the leadership of the general Fr. Izydor Matuszewski, when the prior of Jasna Góra is Fr. Roman Majewski, and the custodian of the Jasna Góra basilica is Fr. Ignacy Rękawek, that our bond is exceptional, brotherly and coherently ecclesiastical.

But I want to pay attention to one of the Fathers, who has inscribed himself in history of Jasna Góra and Częstochowa in a unique way, and first of all, in the history of the Church in Poland. It is Fr. dr. Jerzy Tomziński, a man who has been related to this place for ever. He is a man of great cheerfulness and great zeal in what is significantly called 'humanitas'. He is a man of a beautiful soul and great reliability in work. We have always admired Fr. Jerzy in our editorial office for many years - because still in the times of bishop Stefan Bareła - he was a member of our editorial team. He attended collegiate, expressing his important opinions, ran correspondence with readers, supported 'Niedziela' with valuable texts and was an invaluable connector with the sanctuary. He has always been an extremely friendly man, warm-hearted, always smiling - simply excellent.

So, the man -history, nearly the man-legend lives in Częstochowa at Jasna Góra - Fr. Jerzy Tomziński, who has had his 95th birthday recently. We are glad that we could sing him 'Happy birthday', wishing him 100 years of life in his case….

Fr. Jerzy Tomziński is a great witness of holiness of the Primate of the Millennium cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, and an extremely active co-organizer of the celebrations of the Millennium of Baptism of Poland. As we have already written in 'Niedziela', he is also one of few still alive eye-witness of the Second Vatican Council, witnesses of the fact how Vatican Council Fathers wanted to understand fully the mission of the Church. Today, together with pope Francis we are also paying tribute to the Holy Father Saint Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI who were showing roads all the time which humankind should follow.

Like they loved Christ' Church, also You, Father Jerzy, have given an example of loving the Church since your childhood, especially the Church on the Polish land and - as cardinal Wyszyński used to say -loving everything what constitutes Poland. You have always tried to serve it as faithfully as possible, sometimes despite what was obliging, but always understanding the needs of the nation. Thanks to your innate sensitivity, diplomacy, and also pastoral talent, but, first of all, thanks to your humility and friendship you have contributed to the invaluable cooperation of the two great statesmen - the greatest servants of the Polish Church: cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and cardinal Karol Wojtyła. We thank you for this all.

And we, in 'Niedziela', thank you, Father the General for Your beautiful legible attitude, full of love to Mary, for Your testimony about Her, so fervent and poignant. You, who were a participant of hundreds of divine services and celebrations of Her worship and chosenness of God, encourages others to Her personally and you are still doing it.

Today we are kissing Your priestly hands, thanking for bringing us God with them. We wish you next joyful divine days for a testimony for those who arrive at Jasna Góra, those who read 'Niedziela', through which you sometimes express your thoughts or those who watch films with your participation. We wish you further fruitful remaining on the divine post of the XXI century and chivalrous ministry to Mary - the Queen of Poland till the end. We also want to tell you that we really love you very much and we are very grateful to you for Your testimony of joyful life with God. How much it is inscribed in Francis' 'Evangelii Gaudum' - Joy of the Gospel…We would wish ourselves as many such faith witnesses as possible.

'Ad multosannos' - for next years of your ministry to God and Mary, our beloved Father Jerzy!


"Niedziela" 50/2013

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