- I will say straightforward: sexual education is a form of a psychological war pursued against the Polish nation, in order to possess Poles’ minds and create such a mass market out of them for various kinds of capitalist slyboots! – dr. Michael Jones

The opinion of dr. Michael Jones was heard by participants of a meeting in Kraków which was held on Saturday, 14 December 2013 in the Palace of Krzysztofora. Organized by the publishing house Wektory, the Institute of Fr. Piotr Skarga and Clubs of Polonia Christiana, the event was finishing a few-day stay in Poland (Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Toruń) spent by an American Catholic writer, professor, an academic lecturer, a publisher of the magazine ‘Culture Wars’, an author of many articles and 15 books, including – the bestseller published just in Poland – ‘Libido dominandi. Sex as a tool for social control’.


Organizers of the meetings wrote about the book that it is:…’a breakthrough work in the issues of studies on negative mechanisms accompanying the sexual revolution. We can learn a lot about the history of its processes, ideological fixation and their plans’. The writer is trying to present the history of the sexual revolution, starting with Enlightenment till the contemporary times. He proves that the collapse of traditional societies is not an accident, but inspired, planned and consequently realized process which is supposed to form a possessed man.

In his book Dr. Jones tries to present thesis and factsto many gathered, mostly young listeners in Kraków. – I would like to start today’s pronouncement from presenting a short history of the so-called sexual revolution, presenting it as a kind of enlightenment project, aiming at social and political control – said the American writer.

A process of demoralization

The lecturer reminded the words of St. Augustine that, indeed, also a slave can be a free man, if he follows moral law. But if a man does not follow this law, in fact he becomes a slave because he does not serve to people but to his own drawbacks. – The intention is quite clear if you want to be free, you must behave morally – reminded the American writer and he pointed to the essence of the touched problem: - Whereas if you want to control other people, dominate over them, promote, spread various kinds of misdemeanors, various kinds of moral perversions.

Referring to the current situation in his country, the author of ‘Libido dominandi’ admitted that the United States lost a battle among the others about abortion and sexualism. Whereas, referring to the current situation in Poland, he said among the others: - ‘I noticed that the film ’Hobbit’ is on in your cinemas. Surely, you know that ‘Lord of the Rings’ is a work about Europe. It presents riders of Rohan – these are Poles, brave heroes who can oppose to the evil in a courageous way. Whereas the Orcs, that is the creatures bringing most evil, are sex-educators today – he interpreted Tolkien’s work anew, and referring to the Polish history, he said: - Every time when the West collapses, in a metaphorical way Jan III Sobieski arrives with cavalry in order to save the city.

At the meeting in Kraków there was also an education minister prof. Ryszard Legutko who reminded, among the others, how from the perspective of our country a fight against traditional morality looked like. Referring to the current situation he insisted: - Similarly as history or science used to be taught, according to a very rigid scheme, beyond which one could not go, it is the same today when sex is supposed to be taught, because this education is supposed to make changes in the human attitude. He warned that despite slogans of freedom, independence, typical for every revolt, leaders of the sexual revolution want to possess a man in fact.

Gender ideology

At the end of the meeting the gathered could ask their questions to speakers. Among them there were also the sources of financing gender studies at Polish universities and about evaluation of this phenomenon. – Feminism is nothing else but transferring communist methodology into the bosom of the family. Within the anti-family revolution a kind of illogical conclusion was made. Feminists raise the meaning of the sex gender as the most important determinant of the civilizational development, and, on the other hand, they say that, in fact, the sex has not got any significance – dr. Jones noted the inner contradiction and he admitted openly: - I can tell you that when there are talks with professors or university lecturers in lobbies, everybody says that, to put it in a slogan, gender ideology is one whole fake, that nobody treats the ideology seriously as a scientific sphere.

Both dr. Jones and prof. Legutko emphasized that Poles cannot succumb and accept to what is being introduced into sexual education in our country. They argued that parents have a great role here and they should fight for the right to bring up their children according to their beliefs and accepted values.


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