Christmas A.D. 2013. We are arriving at our family homes often from far away. And although various things happen to us there, maybe many sons or daughters would not be able to admit to their lifestyles there, or tell their fathers or mothers how they live there, with whom they have relations, how they earn money – something pushes us to be with our relatives at Christmas eve, to spend it not in a pub but at home. When at the Christmas table we take a white wafer, we see that simply our hands are not worthy. And maybe this tear which we will have in our eyes, will be healing to us, maybe it will be connected with the sincerest examination of conscience and decision to live differently…

How many of our brothers proclaim their apostasy here and there, their departure from God. After all, there are whole groups of people who shout against Christ in the modern way: ‘crucify Him!’: hit Him! Erase a trace of Him! It is not true what he said! Life can be more pleasant! We find voices of hatred to everything which is God’s in media. So many journalists, who did not attend RE classes, got stained with the departure from the principles of the Gospel. We were looking at the actions of the former Movement of Palikot with such a grief, which in many cases seemed to bring intended effects. Today the atheistic movement changed its name maybe because the first formula occurred to be less effective.

Maybe also you were wiped away by the satan wave of immorality, sin and hatred to God and brothers. So, there is a need of such Christmas eves, so that we would open our eyes to issues surrounding us and our life; so that we would ask ourselves what I did with my baptism, confirmation, other sacraments. What happened with my youthful decisions, with my noble zeal to work on myself, aiming at what is good, beautiful, real…. How good it would be if baptized people, the Catholics, reconstructed their attitudes. I am a Christian, so I should feel solidary in faith, in my Church. Therefore, I should react somehow when God is insulted: I mustn’t watch programs which have atheistic purposes, or buy magazines which are aimed against my principles and teach hatred, boycott exhibitions which are unworthy watching and which slander the Crucifix, etc.

Conversion should become my contribution, it should be something mine. I return to God as a prodigal son, and He can forgive me everything because he loves and is merciful, He can give me a grace of salvation, return to the road of the truth and love. I will not lose my life with God!

May the time of Christmas be full of joy for each of us. May the tears which will flow from our eyes and fall onto the shoulders of mother or father, brother or sister, grandparents – be healing, may they cause the return home, home of Father and in a full dimension.


"Niedziela" 51-52/2013

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