All tricks permitted, only in order to start existing in media, cause a commotion about one’s statements.

Before Christmas media had been impressed by a confession of a feminist Katarzyna Bratkowska, who, during a debate on TV about a project of tightening punishments for abortion and elaborated by the Codification Commission at the Justice Ministry, stated that on the Christmas Eve she would abort her pregnancy so that it would be a fun. It is difficult even to comment on this statement. One can fight for the so-called women’s right in the name of the leftist ideology, one could be an atheist, but nobody is exempt from maintaining a kind of ethical balance, following the moral law suitable for every human being about which Kant spoke. The worldview provocation should have its limits, otherwise it becomes a cynical, rude prank, which is unsuitable for the Mrs. PhD in Philosophy. Whereas Katarzyna gained the title of PhD in philosophy at the Warsaw University under the supervision of prof. Maria Janion. She also graduated from Polish philosophy at this university and she should not be accused of a narrowness of mind. She made the move with premeditation, knowing that she would be noticed. So far she has not been able to boast her greater popularity. And, indeed, she hit the jackpot. She made her statements in a few programmes and internet portals, and she proved the apogee of her confused mind in an interview for ‘Rzeczpospolita, concerning the issue of abortion and expressing her glorification of communism. She said that Lenin ‘was a pioneer of empowerment of women’, and, generally he was ‘a nice gentleman’. Whereas, communism was ‘a useful ideology of equal value, and it can be criticized only by people overwhelmed by anti-communist obsession’ and ‘it was the most pro-human, humanitarian social system’. It would not be worth discussing, because everyone can babble nonsense, but Bratkowska is a teacher and an educator in the Multicultural Secondary School of Jacek Kuroń. She is also a lecturer of gender studies at the Warsaw University. It is scary to think what brainwash she is making in her students, implementing love to ‘the most pro-human system’ in them, as well as proclaiming nonsense of abortion.

Anyway, she has got some achievements in promoting this death ideology. She is a co-author (with Kazimiera Szczuka) of the ‘Big book about abortion’. In a TV programme she was trying to prove that ‘calling a six-week, three-millimeter embryo a baby in a pseudo-objective language, is only an emotional metaphor. It borders on insanity’ – says the feminist. I do not believe that a mature woman, promoting such an opinion, strongly believes in them. Apart from a group of women definitely deprived of the maternal instinct, most of them have abortion done, experience great trauma which throws its shadow onto their further life. They are not quite able to free themselves from the sense of guilt. Do not kill! It is one of the basic laws which we follow in our life. Today everyone knows that abortion is deprivation a defenceless being of life. And none of any stories about embryos or zygotes will not change it. Every woman should be protected from making a decision about abortion. If feminists were really fighting for women’s rights, they would not affirm abortion. If they do not understand it, they are acting only in the name of ideology which has nothing in common with the reality. The biggest punishment for people like Katarzyna Bratkowska will be silence and not considering them in worldview provocations.


"Niedziela" 4/2014

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