‘I did not burn notes of John Paul II, because they are a key to understand his spirituality, that is, what is the most inner in the man: his relationship with God, with another man and with himself’.
Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz
Metropolitan of Kraków

Personal notes are a record of forty years of the unusual spiritual path. Beginning with the first decisive sentence ‘I am in God’s hands’ till the reflection ‘Time has been fulfilled’ and the last ‘Deo gratias’ (Thanks be to God), we accompany Karol Wojtyła – John Paul II in key moments of his life and his ministry. In two modest notebooks we find his most important and personal questions, deep and moving meditations and prayers setting the rhythm of every day. But, there are also notes which are a testimony of care about his closest friends, cooperators – and the Church entrusted to him. These notes, although they are a record of moments, go beyond the borders of the life of John Paul II, taking us where something which is human and Divine join together in the dimension of holiness.

Personal notes which John Paul II had been writing for forty years, reveal the mystery of his soul and his devotion to God. It is an unusual and moving book. Thanks to it, we accompany Pope in the moments of his greatest closeness to God. We get to know Karol Wojtyła, who sees weaknesses in himself, struggles with them but always relies on God rather than his own abilities. We get to know the man who was fighting for the truth of his life till the very end.

This book is a unique occasion to get familiar with unknown texts of John Paul II and it is a key to understand his spirituality. Pope’s notes were to be burnt – now they are the main document in the canonization process.

The premiere of the book is on 5 February 2014.


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