At the same time, when in the Sejm there was a debate on the gender ideology, in the Secretariat of Episcopate scientists, doctors, sociologists and lawyers met together in order to discuss the essence and role of this ideology. As the general secretary of the Polish Episcopal Conference - bishop Wojciech Polak emphasized this discussion is not concentrated on the defense of the Church, but on the defense of the man and the society. – For, many aspects of the gender perspective, beside righteous postulates of the sex equality, bring also many controversial, often questioned postulates in scientific groups – said bishop Polak. Whereas Fr. dr. Leszek Woroniecki SAC proved that – listening to the voices of gender studies supporters – one can feel that the problem which the gender ideology causes is typical only for Poland, and in fact for the Polish Church. Nothing more deceiving. – Gender ideology is the subject of an enlivened discussion in many European countries and reactions which are stronger than in Poland.

Speakers were discussing also the attitude of the Church to women. As Alina Petrowa-Wasilewicz from the Catholic Informative Agency said, the Church is an institution which has done the most for women’s dignity throughout centuries. – These were women who influenced the most important decisions in the Church, for example, St. Catherine from Siena convinced the pope Gregory XI of return from Avignon to Rome. Women initiated reforms in the Church, for example, St. Clara with St. Francis, St, Theresa from Avilla reformed Carmel and in Poland mother Madgalena Morteska reformed Benedictine cloisters. Finally, women decoded the meaning of time signs – in Poland in XIX century. Eleonora Motylowska set up a convent for servants and God’s servant mother Róża Godecka was the first for women workers in the world.

The debate was attended also by: prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, prof. Małgorzata Fuszara, sister Małgorzata Chmielewska.


"Niedziela" 5/2014

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