When I was looking for the beginnings of my friendship with Mary, and hereby – the rosary prayer, I reach to the Light-Life movement in my memories. Oasis meetings devoted to Her person are deeply rooted in my heart. At that time I bought the first on-finger rosary, a statue of Immaculate Mary, who – although it has passed 25 years since then – she has been accompanying me till today. I love Mary with my whole heart, this love was easy, because I loved my mum. We lived just in two because my dad had died when I was a child. It was a difficult time for my mum after my dad’s death, it was even difficult for her to live, she got lost somewhere after her husband died, in her loneliness and fight for the future. Not understanding the reasons for my mum’s state of feeling lost, I felt instinctively, that I had to invite Mary into my life, that it was only Her who could help me. I was praying, while cutting cabbage for my first sauerkraut and meat stew, I prayed in the mountains. I was praying on a pilgrimage route, which I was traversing in the intention of my mum. I prayed during my studies or during my returns home, because I had to help my mum. I remember many Jasna Góra appeal prayers, crucifixes, at which I was sighing to God in the intention of my mum. As an oasis teenager I used to read the ‘Knight of the Immaculate Mary’. I love St. Maksymilian Kolbe who became my friend. In secret I joined the Knighthood, I went to Niepokalanów, I undertook the Crusade of Human Liberation, an annual abstinence, and this all with Mary in the intention of my mum. Once undertaken crusade by me was continued and lasts till today. Being faithful to the rosary prayer, I lived to see the day of my mum’s recovery to health, recovery from addiction. Today I am mum myself. My children often see me with the rosary, even during hanging laundry or cooking. When I put my hand in my pocket, I find a rosary there, and even if it is not in there, I am aware that She is and cares of us. This is Mary and her constant intercession who was accompanying us during a difficult illness of our daughter. She often let us know that she was. Today I can say that taking a rosary into my hand, I am taking a warm and caring hand of Mary. The rosary prayer changed my life and is still changing it. The Rosary is love for me.



"Niedziela" 5/2014

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