Nothing surprising. This is the first and the Basic rule for those who are interested In the European Union, and, first of all, for supporters for the European integration. For the so-called real Europeans it is even a dogma. Most of them believe that everything which the European Union does, is reasonable and serves to the good of its citizens, not, for example, narrow business groups, clerks or lobbyists. They are prone to defend nonsense regulations concerning necessity of measuring the bending of a banana, including snails to inland fish, withdrawing traditional bulbs from the market, necessity of EU redefining instructions of going up a ladder and elaborating new EU norms of flashing a toilet. EU clerks are still working hard on regulating every section of our life. This time they started concentrating on vacuum cleaners. From the beginning of September this year, on the area of EU, a prohibition of vacuum cleaners production of 1600W power has been introduced, and in 3 years’ time it will be possible to produce vacuum cleaners of not only 900W power. Certainly, the purpose is environment protection. Clerks and the so-called real Europeans do not care about the fact that so far vacuum cleaners with motors of over 1600W have been popular among European consumers, because they were and are still the most efficient. Initiators are not convinced by the argument that lowering the power of the motor causes the necessity of vacuuming the same area for many times, and, in fact, instead of reducing, it will increase the energy usage and prolong the work time of cleaners.

How far can the European Union enter the organization of our life and can we still be surprised by it? Indeed the surprise is the first step to learn, but in the Union it may mean the negation of the European identity. When a few years ago in Brussels, in a group of my Euro-deputies colleagues I joked that the European Commission had elaborated (issued) detailed indications about tying shoes and the separate provisions concerning tying the left shoe and the right one separately – it was seriously taken. Nobody was surprised. These are real Europeans.


"Niedziela" 36/2014

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