During III Days of Jeruzalem in Miechów, called Polish Jerusalem, on 6-7 September, there was a meeting of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher – dames and cavaliers of the Knights’ Order of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

– This kind of meetings are organized every second year, and their intention is to make a call for peace in the Holy Land hearable and strong – a superior of the Order in Poland, commander Karol Bolesław Szlenkier, said to ‘Niedziela’. He emphasized that through the presence of the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, archbishop Fouad Twal, and also a grand prior of the Order, the current ‘call for awakening of contemporary Europe facing the tragedy of the Holy Land’ has an unusual dimension, similarly as high presence of the Order representation from Great Britain and Austria.

The languages: Latin, Polish, English and German, characteristic, clothes taken from the esthetics of the Middle Ages, music-theatrical shows, conferences, presentations, historic reconstructions and personal meetings – with the patriarch and St. Elizabeth sisters working in the Holy Land – gave an unusual colour to the III Days of Jerusalem. As the master of ceremonies of the Order, prelate priest dr. Jerzy Bielecki emphasized: - Days of Jerusalem in Miechów is the time of prayer, getting to know the history of the Holy Land and its contemporary problems, it is also time of reminiscing the greatness of Miechów.

In the sanctuary of the Holy Sepulcher the patriarch was welcomed on 6 September by the commander Karol Bolesław Szlenkier and the parish priest of the basilica of the Holy Sepulcher Fr. Mirosław Kaczmarczyk. Officially, the inauguration of III Days of Jerusalem was done by a mayor of Miechów Dariusz Marczewski.

The Holy Mass on 6 September, in the intention of peace in the Holy Land and in the world as well as the development of the Order was presided over in the basilica in Miechów by bishop Kazimierz Ryczan. The complement of the knowledge about the Holy Land was a scientific conference ‘On the 50th anniversary of the first papal pilgrimage to the Holy Land’. It was carried out by: prelate priest dr. Jerzy Bielecki and prof. assoc. engineer Piotr Małoszewski. Whereas in the amphitheatre there was a presentation of the film ‘Holy Land’. The presentation of the Franciscan mission, the exhibition ‘Peter returns’, meetings with the Franciscan Fathers – uncovered another aspect of the history of Christianity in the Holy Land.

The main point of spiritual experiencing III Days of Jerusalem was the Holy Mass on Sunday (7 September), concelebrated and presided over by archbishop Fouad Twal, with assistance of bishop Kazimierz Ryczan, prelate priest dr. Jerzy Bielecki, prelate priest Henryk Jagodziński and canons of Miechów and members of the Order. In the homily the patriarch noted obligations resulting from the fact of being a Christian and persecution of Christ’s followers in the Near East and also a great need of solidarity from Europe. He expressed solidarity with Ukraine and emphasized heroism of the Christians in Iraq. – Who wants to follow Jesus, must think carefully in this situation, one cannot treat this decision indulgently – he noted. He thanked the Polish Episcopal Conference for the day of solidarity with the Christians in the Near East on 26 August, encouraged Poles for a common prayer for peace. – With your help we will not be lonely – he said.

III Days of Jerusalem, prepared by the engagement of the parish and the self-government of Miechów, play an essential role of a keystone with Christ’s homeland, present it ‘here and now’, and also indicate a perspective of the important jubilee – 2000 years since the Resurrection, which is in 2033. The prayer in this intention continually comes from Miechów, every month. The ceremonies in Miechów were accompanied by the opening of an exhibition on this occasion in the Museum of the Land of Miechów.


„Niedziela” 37/2014

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