It was like 100 shocking sensational covers of newspapers on one day – it was how a known journalist commented on a report about the state of the country after governments of he Civic Platform party and Polish People’s Party, presented in the Seym by the prime minister Beata Szydło. And he was right. The scale of pathology in the country is terrifying. Diagnosis which was presented by many patriotic groups before the election was not only confirmed but also developed. Because one might have suspected people of Tusk of thefts, wasting money of tax payers and living in luxury at the cost of a tax payer. But could they have been suspected of behaving on the border of betrayal of interests of the country?

Unfortunately, according to the report, many actions had such a character. The army in the state of collapse and the one which exists, is stationing not where it is necessary. Money for defence are spent in a wrong way, without any care about effects and mainly abroad. Special services sending foreigners people wanting to give important information about the catastrophe at Smoleńsk, enjoy having surveillance of journalists, groups of Radio Maryja and political opponents. In addition the gigantic debts which were to fetter us and sentence us to the fate of Greece incapacitated with the debts. To compare, let’s remind – the report presented by the Civic Platform party after the previous governments expressed the main accusation of purchasing a cod by one of vice-ministers for eight zlotys with a business credit card.

However, I think that in fact politicians of the current opposition were frightened not only by the very description of their achievements, but precision of presented findings. After eight years in deep opposition and nearly after half a year of holding authority, the new group presented itself as effectively and definitely arranging state matters. And in the background we have tens of enacted acts, hundreds of begun changes and a great pro-demographic project 500+, introduced successfully. All this proves that the new government and its facilities are not going to waste a single day. It means that they are very serious about dealing with all matters announced and not dealt with yet. From bringing back nation-creating mission to the school through a fight with corruption to re-polonization of media.

What is more, big protests of the opposition, organized with much effort, confirmed stabilization, emerging also from surveys of support for political parties. The group of the governmental coalition maintains the opinion, and even increases the beginning support. If the election took place today, the Law and Justice party would win it. Whereas opposition political parties and powerful media allied with them are not able to convince Poles that (as they prove) made a mistake. And despite the support from abroad, which has worked so effectively and in a pernicious way for Poles so far.

Now, luckily, it is working as if less. So, there is a bigger chance for positive changes in Poland, but also for developing our knowledge about wasted chances in the last eight years. Who knows, maybe there will also be enough time to punish at least some culprits. Not for a revenge, but for a warning.


„Niedziela” 21/2016

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