I do not know what mottos will be expressed by MEPs of the current opposition and what militants will write on banners who are favouring it (unfortunately, but these are militants as they decide to attack MEPs and journalists) at the moment when you will be reading this text. However, one can assume that although the pretext will change, there always be something written about an action in the street, which should abolish the parliamentary government of the Law and Justice party and something about abroad which should intervene. The same melody has been played since autumn 2015 with other mottos of: the Constitutional Tribunal, enacting budget, public media, creating Armies of Territorial Defence, education reform and now changes in judiciary system.

All this leads to one question: Should anybody, according to these people, have a right to govern in Poland, or change our country, repair it, make decisions? Are they able to respect a different verdict of electors than the one imagined by them? Finally – do they respect anything else or do they want anything else than the authority?

Every month a negative answer is becoming clearer. Although they are waving a banner of democracy like gardeners spades, they understand it as their own continuous authority. When the authority slips from their hands, they stop respecting any rules. They dare to make false accusations against Poland, beg Brussels and Berlin for sanctions, interferences, help. They are not ashamed to call for soldiers not to fulfill orders, teachers – not to make their students revolt, judges – for their party activity. And the worst form of cynicism is calling Church for help, which they wanted to divide and push it out of the public space during their cadency. Whereas what is the most terrifying, they dare to dream about a kind of bloody ‘Majdan’, this time, unlike the Ukrainian one, the organized one in defence of oligarchy.

Allegedly nothing matches together in this puzzle. Because, how come: the democrats but unable to respect variety? A key to understand it is in the fact that these people are not so much democrats but representatives of the trend called ‘liberal democracy’, which is losing its relation with real normal democracy, not labeled with an adjective. These groups see themselves not in the role of those who serve nations, but as revolutionists whose duty is to transform souls and minds of citizens.

It may result in re-constructing societies and connecting them in one non-national crucible. This is the only purpose and the only value which they agree on.

Therefore, when they have already favoured an allegedly minor group (for example of homosexuals), they get town to a fight for rights of another more weird groups (transsexuals). And when they have filled Europe with arrivers from other cultures, so that nobody does not care about any mottos of ‘getting enriched’, they simply transfer other hundred thousand like the ships paid by the speculator George Soros do. For, a fight for progress will never end.

If we look at it from this perspective, this outrage in the attack on the democratic decision of Poles, on their desire to live in the honest country, is not astonishing. They invested so much money here, they have take over all media, they have pacified (as they thought) a bigger resistance but Poland (Hungary before) slipped from their hands.

It is a failure for people overwhelmed with the rage of the revolution. Because they do not see a different sense for being in politics than the revolution. Therefore, they reach for violence – from the media one to the physical one. Therefore their mottos are less appealing to Poles. As my grandma Felicia used to say: ‘The cat’s out of the bag’.


„Niedziela” 31/2017

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