Mirosław Piotrowski

‘Marxism, also in the contemporary forms, is straying’ – pope Francis wrote in the preface off the book of his living predecessor. ‘We are dependent on God who is love’ – reminds Francis – and marxism ‘negates this fact’, that is why, it is straying. The words of the supreme hierarch of the Catholic Church were made public on media soon after the visit of the supreme rank official of the European Union in Trewir. The chief of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker arrived there in order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karol Marx. His presence there was significant. Certainly, he also gave a speech. He stated that ‘Karol Marx was a philosopher thinking about the future and had creative aspirations’. A lot was also said about distorting his thought and that the creator of ‘communist Manifest’ cannot bear responsibility for distortions of followers practically applying his delusions in political and social life. There was turmoil in media. Juncker caused controversies, that is, the state which everybody in the European Union had always tried to avoid. However, those who are observing the direction of the current EU policy and behavior of its demiurges, should not be surprised. The chief of the European Commission, despite belonging to the Christian Democrats, refers to a communist Altier Spinelli in his speeches, as the main father the founder of the EU and his ‘Manifest from Ventotene’. I will remind that this document involves these words: ‘In order to respond to our needs, the European revolution must be socialist’. When last year I was personally asking Juncker about it, he said that these words had to be understood in that historic context. In Trewir, celebrating the anniversary of Marx’ birth, Juncker reached for an identical comparison that ….it was necessary to understand him through the prism of his times and works. Inspirations of Spinelli was also searched for by the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who organized a European mini-summit meeting, soon after the British referendum on the Ventotete island.

It was not forgotten to lay flowers on Spinelli’s grave. At present one of MPs for the European Parliament is his daughter Barbara Spinelli who, similarly as her father years ago, was elected in Italy from a list of a communist party. Being responsible for foreign issues in the European Commission, the Italian woman Federica Megherini, was an activist of leftist youth group and cooperated with communists before. The predecessor of Juncker – Jose Manuelo Barroso, was accused of being fascinated by Mao Tse-tung, etc. So, can it be surprising that in the Union communist trends, such as feminism, gender ideology, abortion, euthanasia are launched, and the most important documents are deprived of reference to God, who – as pope Francis reminds – ‘is love’?

Does Juncker have this feeling to Karol Marx? He explained that his presence in Trewir, where Marx was born, enforced somehow a fact of granting him the title of honourable citizenship of this city. I wonder how would Juncker behave if he became an honourable citizen of Uljanów, where Włodzimierz Iljicz was born?

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 20/2018 (20 V 2018)

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