Mirosław Piotrowski

Yes, that is right, here, in ‘the heart of Europe’, the capital of the European Union. After all, this is the Union in which – as it is known – Germany is domineering, sanctions are imposed on Russia, alleged allies of president Putin, such as Viktor Orban, Marine Le Pen and others, are being tracked and stigmatized, and, here, such an allegation, all of the sudden. It just concerns hypocrisy. Donald Trump pointed out to politicians governing in Berlin that they did not allocate so much money for defence, as they had committed to within NATO and that the United States had to pay for them. He also pointed out that this money was passed over to Russia by Germany and Russia allocates it for armaments. Loads of milliards. The United States pays for gas and is building other transmission lines. Germany is getting dependent and becomes a hostage. A question is: is it voluntary? It is years I have been pointing to the double game of Germany towards Russia, this EU one, that is, official and another one, called recently by the president of the USA. Investments Nord Stream – both the first and the second one – are contradictory with the most important EU document – Lisbon Treaty. How often one can remind that in the article 194 TFUE the Union got committed to energy solidarity….And, what does it lead to? To nothing. For example, the aforementioned sanctions comprised a lot of oligarchs cooperating with president of Russia Władimir Putin, but they omitted the important one – Gerhard Schroder, the current chief of a consortium Nord Stream 2 and also a chief of a council of directors of the Russian energy giant consortium – Rosnieft. This former Social-Democratic chancellor of Germany is the most important European mediator of Russian president at present. He opens the door, participates in talks and negotiations. At the times when he was a chancellor, I was in Germany and I remember him being called ‘Parteigenosse der Bosse’, that is, a communist comrade of rich entrepreneurs. Now this is Putin who is his best comrade. Surely this friendship is not based only on infatuation. It is enough to write that due to functions held in Russian companies Schroder collects hundred thousand euro. It is profitable for both parties. Germany will import nearly 70 percent of energy resources soon (including gas), which was pointed to by Donald Trump. And this is the reason why it became a hostage. During the aforementioned summit meeting of NATO, the president of the USA referred to our country in his counterargument to the energy policy of Germany. Poland is aiming at independence, not to be dependent and it must evokes problems. Certainly, not only on Warsaw – Moscow line, but, and, which is obvious, in relations with Brussels.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 30/2018 (29 VII 2018)

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