Jan Maria Jackowski

She was invited to Berlin to hear ‘Human Rights in danger – dismantle of the rule of laws in Poland and in Hungary’ in Bundestag– with a propaganda thesis. An instrumental political dimension of slandering Poland on the international arena and bringing harm by Germany to our country is obvious.

What is characteristic is also perfidy of the Germany country acting. Registration in the Informative System Schengen done by our authorities, on whose basis the citizen of Ukraine was expelled from Poland with prohibition of arriving at any EU country. Germany made it possible for Kozlovska to arrive ‘due to an important national interest’, despite the fact that their services had information that the prohibition had been given out on the basis of unclear financing the activity of the foundation from the East.

The fact that the Germany party was aware of its provocative and confrontational action is best proved by a statement by Andrzej Przybłęski, an ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Berlin. He said that there had not been the surname of Kozlovska on the invitation, but there was ‘the surname of her husband, Mr. Kramek. And Kozlovska’s efforts to get a visa had surely been completed. Mr. Kramek ‘was swapped’ into Mrs. Kozlovska the last minute, at the moment of beginning the conference’ – he said and added: ‘I must admit that this is quite a weird strategy’.

In the context of the whole event it is necessary to quote the words sounding ominous for Poles: ‘Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der Welt’ (Germany, Germany all over everything in the world). We could experience how ruthless the German country is in realizing its interests which in the 20th century were the reason for the ordeal of humankind during two world wars. Let’s recall that – as we know from history since at least the 18th century – Berlin has been pursuing its anti-Polish actions consistently in alliance with Moscow, whose example is a pact Ribbentrop-Mołotow tragic for us.

The European integration in the beginning, that is, soon after the Second World War, was an idea for Europeanization of Germany. Whereas today we are the witnesses of a reversed process: Germany treats the European Union as an effective instrument of ‘germanization’ of Europe and building its domineering position. The German doctrine treats the European Union as a tool to realize its national German interests and leverage the position of this country in the world. It is not accidental that there are signals from Germany about transforming the European Union into a federal country under protectorate of Germany. Recently we have heard that a German man is to be the next chairperson of the European Commission in order to realize Berlin’s interests in Brussels.

In the East Germany is pursuing a game with Russia. Together we were building Nord Stream 1 and now they are building Nord Stream 2 which is somehow the business card of the Berlin-Moscow axis. The cooperation on the neuralgic energy area or on the railway market is accompanied by tightening military cooperation. In the West Germany uses France which is already weak to play an independent role. In a while the Great Britain will not be the EU member and Italy and Spain are concentrated on their own matters. In this way German, having the biggest demographic and economic potential at disposal, is taking the position of a leader.

The conclusion is obvious. Polish foreign policy requires realism and using the current activity on the European arena of our natural allies. Poland has advantages but we must remember that somebody who does not have respect to himself, is not respected by others.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 39/2018 (30 IX 2018)

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