Michał Karnowski

A great political change of the year 2015 had a lot of reasons, beginning with a well-organized group of Jarosław Kaczyński, to cynical destroying the team of Donald Tusk. However, it would be a big mistake to omit the moral-social dimension, deriving from anxiety about homeland, resulting in uniting all forces wanting a change. How necessary it was is seen clearly today. In the budget we have tens of milliard zlotys more, and we managed to inhibit a demographic catastrophe and stop the process of forced leftist ‘reeducation’ of Poles. Poland is regaining its strength and although we are still facing a long way to catch up with the West, it is surely farther from the spheres in which hungry children are considered as an unavoidable effect of the system.

In order to regress it, those who were deprived of authority were trying to do everything: to raise a street bloody revolt in the style of Ukrainian Majdan, denunciations and foreign sanctions which would be financially aimed against citizens, and even making soldiers and police officers rebel. No inhibitions, no rules. It is a few months since we have seen that although the failure of those actions, it was decided to try out the easiest method: bring a conflict in the group opting for repairing the country. Not only this political, of political parties, but also the social one. And even speaking more broadly: all Poles are supposed to fight with one another, every social group is to see the enemy in another.

Therefore, now German media established for Poles suddenly found registered talks from the time of the tape scandal with participation of the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki. As for now nothing results from it: the current chief of the government and the chairman of a private bank then, looks decent when being compared to the members of the Platform party. He does not agree to breach law but is worried about challenges Poland is going to face. Those who are attacking do not worry: in the tone of sensation not fitting the text, they are throwing next sequels under the table. The plan is cunning: reminding that Morawiecki used to meet with the people of the Civic Platform party (as a chief of a big bank could not do it), is to separate him from the political facility, and raise commotion.

But it is still nothing when compared to the scale of the attack aimed against the Church. It does not make sense to make a dispute on a primitive film about priests, called here ‘clergy’ in a Bolshevik way. The fact that Jerzy Urban said that in this film he found his long-time anti-ecclesiastical work, should be enough to make a film review. However, one must see a real purpose of this film wickedness: it is depriving priests of respect they deserve, reducing every priest to the worst associations and, as a result, loosening relations between hierarchical structure of the Church and believers. If it is successful, the rest will get destroyed itself.

This instigation of some people against others – as it is difficult to describe it differently- -is becoming a nightmare of the leftist party. Women are to see enemies in their husbands, children – in parents, students – in teachers. Everybody is to be alone, everybody is to have a feeling of loneliness and weakness. Those who are governing the world know that they can do everything with such an individual. The lonely, those being in a conflict – mean nothing. There may be millions of such people but will not have any strength. Indeed we need a lot of wisdom and peace in the nearest months.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 41/2018 (14 X 2018)

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