A discussion went on to fascism and Nazism. The latter term is an ideological cluster of national socialism, the German one which the chairperson of our conservative fraction dared to remind. The leaders of the socialists shook from outrage, sorry – of the social-democrats, the German euro-deputy Udo Bullmann. Well, why are there such associations? This is an insult for the SPD and its European family. A kind of an invisible barrier had been blocking developing this issue and moving from national socialism to international socialism, that is, communism. I assume that the German social-democrat should know a book of a German professor George W. Strobel, whose title in Polish translation is ‘A party of Rose Luxembourg, Lenin and SPD’. The thick volume and what a space for a discussion. Instead it, the Parliament outvoted a few-paged text of a resolution about ‘A wave of neo-fascist violence in Europe’. A Polish euro-deputy Róża was the first to give her signature on behalf of the biggest political group. No, not Luxembourg, a different two-word surname. The text sounds with outrage about the growing wave of neo-fascism and neo-nazism in many EU countries. It says about spreading the speech of hatred, xenophobia and intolerance. It also mentions particular countries and some wicked acts. Beside Italy, Spain, Latvia, Greece, France and Great Britain, there is also Poland. The paragraph ‘R’ of the resolution presents the last year’s demonstration in Katowice, during which, as we read, ‘on symbolic gallows photos of six deputies for the European Parliament were hung up, who had stood by defence of tolerance, righteousness and other European values…’. Among those daredevils two Polish deputies – aforementioned Róża and Danuta. The latter one used to be a member of the Polish United Labour Party for years. At present both women, with a hundred of other deputies take pride in belonging to Spinelli’s group – Altiero Spinelli, an Italian communist who said in the Manifest of Ventotete’ that ‘in order to answer to our needs, European revolution must be socialist’. So, can one be surprised that in the aforementioned resolution nothing is mentioned about the cruel communism which absorbed more victims than fascism or national socialism?

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 45/2018 (11 XI 2018)

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