The ceremony began with the Holy Mass in the arch-cathedral of Warsaw of St. Jan the Baptist Martyrdom, in the intention of all victims of Smoleńsk plane crash. The Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Inf. Jan Sikorski and in the numerous group of concelebrating priests there were, among the others, Fr. Zbigniew Kras, a chaplain of president Duda, and a prelate priest Bogdan Bartołd, the parish priest of the cathedral.

We reminisce Lech Kaczyński with great worship; strangely, but we do it more abroad than in Poland – Fr. Sikorski said in his homily. He emphasized that president Kaczyński had been ‘a great mind’ who had got merited for Poland and Europe.

Those with wicked minds did not learn anything from this death of prominent Poles at Smoleńsk, with president Lech Kaczyński at the helm, and the very reminiscence of that tragedy makes them irritated. Can it be drowning out remorse, provided that they still have remorse? They are also irritated by white-red colours, flags carried during patriotic events, reminiscing Steadfast Soldiers, and even economic development. This is blindness worth regretting – Fr. Sikorski emphasized. He added that ‘Poland is one and should be for everybody’.

The Eucharist in the cathedral filled up, was attended by the supreme authorities of Poland with president Andrzej Duda and prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the helm, as well as ministers, parliamentarians, families of the Smoleńsk plane crash victims and the military assistance. After the Holy Mass a March of Memory set off from the arch-cathedral. Its participants stopped for a while to pray at the academic church of St. Ann, and also at the Presidential Palace in order to listen to thanks of the chairperson of the Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński. Saying the Rosary prayer, participants of the march got to the square of Piłsudski, at the headquarter of the Warsaw Garrison Command where a monument of president Lech Kaczyński was placed.

The monument was unveiled by president Duda, Marta Kaczyńska, the daughter of the tragically deceased presidential couple and the chairperson Kaczyński.

We are on the square named Marshal Piłsudski, next to the Grave of Unknown Soldier, next to the cross, we are in front of the monument of president Lech Kaczyński, we are in independent Poland, in which people live a better life – emphasized president Dudau. – Why? To a large extent, thanks to president Lech Kaczyński, who had been realizing his mission for Homeland throughout his whole life and who had been killed for it – he continued. He emphasized that it is an alive monument, like the idea of Lech Kaczyński is alive. – He was a politician being at the helm of the country, who had a vision of its development and what it was supposed to look like. He had vision of development of Poland – we are realizing it now – said president Duda.

Three days ago I was a witness of signing a contract for supplying Poland with gas from the USA during 24 years. It was, among the others, the reason, why this monument is being put up because it was president Lech Kaczyński who had been fighting for realizing the possibility of diversification of gas to Poland. In order to implement it a gas pipe and gas port were necessary. A gas port was his idea. It is his great merit. Therefore, this monument is being put up – explained Andrzej Duda.

The chairperson of the Law and Justice party noted that thanks to the particular Divine Providence, the monument was unveiled on 10 November.

Lech Kaczyński was born nearly 31 years after the excellent November 1918 – emphasized Jarosław Kaczyński. – It means that his activity contributed to the fact that it was possible to counteract all this which was called post-communism after a few years of the new reality. A better system than the previous one, but ineffective, unfair, burdened with lots of defects – emphasized the brother of the tragically deceased president.

After speeches and a prayer presided over by cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, the metropolitan of Warsaw, there was an Appeal Ceremony of Reminiscence. Also an honorary salvo was paid and wreaths were laid. The cornerstone was built in the monument of Lech Kaczyński on 10 April 2018, on the anniversary of the plane crash at Smoleńsk, during a ceremony of unveiling the monument of the plane crash casualties , which had been placed a hundred metres further. Designers of the monument are sculptors: Stanisław Szwechowicz and Jan Raniszewski, and the author of the building project – Józef Heliński.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 46/2018 (18 XI 2018)

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