A vocally talented 13-year-old Roksana Węgiel has recently given concerts in Częstochowa, Przyrów, Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Pajęczno and Bełchatów. The singer chose Pajęczno to represent her Golden CD Empik which she received for her song ‘Live’ during the recent award-granting ceremony. Young audience and Roksana were singing her biggest hits – also ‘Anyone I want to be’ with which she had won children’s Eurovision. The new star of the stage got photographed with all children’s artistic bands performing at the concert – gymnasts from Przyrów, majorettes VIVA from Strzelce Wielkie.

In Przyrów young fans of the singer had an occasion to meet with her in the church. The talented teenager is not ashamed of her faith and when she can do it during her tours, she participates in the Holy Mass. It was so in Pajęczno on the first Friday. She gave her mature testimony of faith during her visit at Jasna Góra. In her interview for the Radio Jasna Góra she emphasized that it is God who is a reference for her in whatever she does, including her artistic career.

In Pajęczno, Roksana’s mum, Mrs. Edyta received her birthday wishes. The daughter sang her mum ‘Happy birthday’ and then she got off the stage to give her a cordial hug. She received a great applause for emotions which she had raised.

In every town, where she gave a concert, one could see how well she was communicating with the young audience. In Jastrzębie-Zdrój the concert was hosted by teenage Michał Borkowski. When the audience were awaiting the artist getting prepared for the performance, Michał organized an improvised casting and a 6-people band chosen among fans was playing the biggest hits of the winner of the Junior Eurovision. Roksana was really surprised. After each concert there were great emotions. Roksana was cuddling crying girls. Having received a little statuette of an angel from organizers, she is working to get the title of the Angel of the Stage – she was called so by everybody who had an occasion to have close relations with her. She is a person full of humility and kindness. And this unusual energy which she shares with others during her concerts!

Roksana Węgiel won the Eurovision Contest of Songs for Children in 2018 and the first edition The Voice Kids in Poland. Since that moment her career has been developing quickly. Her frequent concerts became the everyday part of her life. She combines her artistic career with her family life, being a daughter and a sister for her younger brother missing her during her concert tours. She does not go on compromise with her school. Her photos on Instagram with a Polish language repertory is not an image marketing. The young singer is getting prepared for her primary school leaving exam which she is going to take soon.

When I was helping with organizing concerts, I did not doubt that Roksana is a gift for the world. The gift which consists of a perfectly composed personality (a great merit of her parents), her singing talent and such communication with audience thanks to which tens of fan-pages are still appearing and her fans are longing for every sign of the young star’s active life.

In Pajęczno the representative of ‘Niedziela’, a journalist Marian Florek handed Roksana Węgiel a medal ‘Mater Verbi’ from the editor-in-chief of ‘Niedziela’ Lidia Dudkiewicz, in acknowledgment of great effort on the way of cultivating and developing artistic talent and as an expression of gratitude for joining the initiatives opening up hearts of audience to others and culture. As a road-sign the editors attached ‘Decalogue of a Pole’ to the medal, written by a prominent writer Zofia Kossak, connected with the Catholic Weekly ‘Niedziela’. The ‘Decalogue of a Pole’ reminds of a duty towards Homeland as our second mother.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 13/2019 (31 III 2019)

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