The word of the chair of the Council for Mass Media of the Polish Episcopal Conference

Dear collaborators of the Truth!

In 2015, it is the 49th time we have been experiencing the Day of Mass Media in the Church. The issue of Pope Francis’ message prepared on this occasion, sounds: ‘Mass media presenting the family as a favouring environment of a meeting in selfless love’. Employees of press, radio, television and internet and social portals, that is, digital continent, have a very important mission to fulfill towards the family which is an excellent invention of God, as a sanctuary of life and love. This is just our occasion to strengthen awareness of the holy and inseparable character of the marriage and family, through mass media, and also to proclaim life civilization and pay attention to taking care of attitudes of opening up towards every conceived child.

I address my word to you, on the occasion of reminiscence of St. Fracniszek Salezy, the patron of people working in mass media, on 24 January. It is beyond any doubts that media have reached such a great significance that for many people they became the main tool of social communication and formation, and also politics. The Holy Father Francis, calling people of media to authentic culture of a meeting, emphasizes the role of moral responsibility. The quicker pace of appearing and passing of information exceeds our possibilities of reflection and opinion, therefore, it does not allow for sensible and correct expressing oneself. Then communication groups – in the opinion of the Pope – instead of helping in personal development, they may lead to confusion of moral attitudes, not saying that people, who do not have any access to social medias for various reasons, are endangered by exclusion.

Expressing our gratitude towards all people of media, working in passing words and image, we hope for clear distinction of their influence between the truth and the false in space, and between the good and the evil. For, this hope touches creating people of conscience within media and through media in our Homeland and in the Church. May the year 2015, which is devoted to the person of St. John Paul II by the will of the Seym of the Polish Republic, bring the longed complementarity in passing the truth and in a testimony of people who serve to the truth.

With pastoral blessing –

Archbishop Wacław Depo
The Chair of the Council for Mass Media of the Polish Episcopal Conference

Częstochowa, 24 January 2014


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