The Catholic Church in Poland is not attacked accidentally.

A book came out which we must read and to which we should refer in the public debate: Barbara Stanislawczyk, 'Who is afraid of the truth? A fight with Christian civilisation in Poland', Fronda Publishing House. Today only one but significant thread. The author quotes a classical essay by Hanna Arendt about totalitarism and writes: '(totalitarism) is based on atomization of the society, separating the man from the family, from memory, from tradition, making him dependent and obedient to the system'.

Isn't it happening so in Poland today? Liberal and leftist groups are attacking the Catholic Church, questioning the role of the family, mocking at Polish patriotism and national tradition, and are launching slogans 'do what you want', rejecting all kinds of commitments towards the nation, country and society. In this way, they want to give alleged freedom to the man. And what do they get in return? A crowd of people 'without any character', that is, without any system of values, without any reference to the past or vision of the future, without a sense of duty towards others. Instead, those who are aiming at consumption and seeing it as sense in their life.

People without any character cannot find their place in the reality, do not have any control over itl they do not understand anything in the world which surrounds them. This crowd is prone to manipulation and is easy to rule. And, therefore, it is so needed by liberals and leftist activists. Those people get into captivity, instead of freedom.

The Catholic Church in Poland is not attacked accidentally. It is ages since it has been the main support of Polishness, national tradition, a system of values which got defeated at the base of our civilisation. Therefore it must be destroyed. Forces which want to replace Christian, European and Polish civilisation with a system of removed supreme values, a nihilistic system, know that they do not have a powerful opponent in it. They use false slogans in order to conceal what they are leading to. And they are near their target.

And the book by Barbara Stanislawczyk is about it. It is very detailed, rich in sources and shocking in its words. We really live in the epoch when fates of humankind are the subject of discussions and decisions.


„Niedziela” 41/2015

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