The chancellor of Germany was forced to interrupt her Holiday. After the series of assassinations initiated mostly by immigrants, another wave of criticism fell on her. Polls of popularity of Angela Merkel dropped again. German media are following the situation and show this drop. Before the apogee of the migration crisis, last April, the chancellor Merkel was popular with 75 per cent of citizens. Today her popularity dropped by nearly 30 per cent.

However, she is still popular, although it may be dangerous soon. It concerns not only her but also the biggest political party in Germany CDU, led by her. Quick and effective decisions are needed. Returning from her holiday quickly, the chancellor announced a nine-point program of fight with terrorism. Undoubtedly, it will quicken deportations from Germany in cases of suspicions of terrorism – but it does not secure its source.

So, one can expect other problems, which the Germans will want to ‘share in solidarity’ – as they say – with other EU countries. Today we can see that after holiday we will have a big problem with achieving the migration common point within the Community. The policy imposed by Merkel is getting crushed in our eyes. Turkey may turn out to be a joker in this game.

It is her who is withholding the influx of migrants to Europe now. However, she puts an ultimatum in the issue of abolishing visas to EU for all citizens of Turkey. The president of this country also announced giving Turkish citizenship to all immigrants. It means that as citizens of Turkey, they will be able to leave for Europe without any visas. It is something more than a farce. So, we must be aware of the fact that many EU countries will oppose to it. They have also an important argument connected with the recent coup in Turkey.

Facing the terroristic danger and burdens caused by immigrants every day, we still ask ourselves who and why let over a million of migrants and refugees arrive in Europe last year? We turn our eyes to the chancellor Merkel (also blamed for Brexit), who says that we must help and that Europe will remain open. Countries questioning this policy, are threatened with various punishments by German politicians. The recent punishment is reducing EU funds.

It does not bring an expected result, and German citizens are rebelling by looking for an alternative. Moreover, they also come out into the streets of Berlin, protesting with the motto ‘Merkel muss weg’, that is, ‘Merkel must be dismissed’. Elections in Germany are not earlier than in a year, so I think, protesters want to dismiss the chancellor. Anyway, she would not have to shorten her holiday.


„Niedziela” 35/2016

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