There are a lot of comments on documents stolen by hackers and defined as Panama papers. Some of them concern activity of George Soros. It turns out that this known financier and a speculator called a philanthropist by his followers, and who made a successful attack on the British pound in 1992, causing the imbalance of its exchange rate, may successfully influence the works of the European Parliament. Revealed documents prove that he made a list of 226 so-called eurodeputies, among whom six from Poland. One should note that it is nearly one third deputies of our Chamber. On the list there was a chairperson of the EP Martin Schulz, and also chiefs of political fractions and a chairperson of important commissions.

There are annotations next to surnames. For example, the chairperson of the EP is described the man with whom one can contact, among the others, in the issue of fighting the extreme rightist party, and one of Polish euro-deputies as ‘a useful transmitter of his political fraction’ and ‘can be persuaded to speak on particular topics’. It reminds me of characteristics and annotations made by functionaries of the communist Security Service. However, this time, as we find out, it is about noble goals, that is, opening up. Nearly to everything.

Mentioned George Soros is a founder of the foundation ‘Open Society’. Its purpose is systematic loosening national and religious bonds, opening up to others, at present, to the so-called refugees. In fact, it caused a conflict between George Soros and president Viktor Orban who accused him of pursuing this kind of policy through non-governmental organizations and media against national governments.

Soros, speaking at the end of June this year during a forum of fused commissions in the European Parliament, praised the policy of chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, saying that ‘she showed great moral leadership when opening the door of Germany wide for refugees’. The non-governmental organizations mentioned by Orban and media supported by Soros, also function in Poland. These are, among the others, Foundation of Stefan Batory and company ‘Agora’, the editor of ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ into which Soros has recently invested 17 million dollars.

This is a big amount but not in the perspective of property of Soros, which is estimated for 8 and a half milliard dollars. He manages it very well. For example, in Budapest, he founded the Central European University, where he finances scholarships. The graduate of this university is, among the others, Adam Bodnar, the Spokesman of Civic Rights, elected for this post in Poland by the Civic Platform. But returning to Brussels, here supporters of Soros, that is, friends of openness, similarly as the patron, are promoting a kind of defined openness, but they may not be aware that they are also shutting the door for the common sense.


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