On the day before the Christmas Eve, Mary Wagner, a Canadian woman defending life, was arrested again for violating probation officer supervision and disturbing economic activity of one of abortion clinics in Toronto. We asked Przemysław Sycz to tell us a few words of reflection, who is a Polish activist of the pro-life movement and who with Jacek Kotula was also sued to the court for organizing pickets in defence of unborn children and who was accompanying Mary Wagner during her visit in Poland.

I am very proud of Mary, although what happened, is very sad. I was sure about the fact that she would return to the clinic where unborn children are killed. One can only get to know her, in order to experience personally how fervently she stands on the side of defenceless children. I had an occasion to see it, accompanying her during her stay in the Subcarpathian province – said Przemysław Sycz. – The testimony of Mary touched thousands of hearts. It has been visible till now and I think that it will bring fruits for a long time. Mary takes her strength from being in God’s presence – she spends a lot of time on adoration of the Holy Sacrament. When we were talking about our process, she often said that she cannot go on any compromise. Her testimony - the fact that she was in the court with us, praying outside a courtroom, was a great support and encouragement for us to more intensive actions, to be the voice of those who cannot defend themselves – said the Polish pro-life activist and emphasized that ‘doing nothing in defence of those children or deceiving oneself that the problem will get solved itself, is a real permission for or, what is worse, participation in the procedure of killing’. – Yes, killing, because, naming this ‘service’ in any way does not change the fact that abortion is an act of killing! - he emphasized.

- Let’s pray for Mary so that she could gain freedom as soon as possible, and we should not forget that her testimony is also needed in prison where there are women who had their abortion done, about which Mary said. We are going to support her by sending letters and postcards to her – said Przemysław Sycz.

Another court case in the process of Jacek Kotula and Przemysław Sycz from Pro–Life Foundation, convicted of organizing anti-abortion pickets takes place on 20 January 2015, at 9 a.m.


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