On the ways of faith

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The first commandment of the Church

To hear Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and to rest from servile work

Fr Tomasz Pelszyk

'Niedziela' presents the commandments of the Church. The aim of the reflection is not only to deepen the understanding of the commands but also the intention of the Church. »

When did the Gospels originate?

Ks. Florian

The dispute concerning the origin of the four Gospels has continued for over 170 years. It was evoked by some anti-Christian rationalistic critics of the Bible that questioned the statements of the Catholic theologians that the Gospels had originated as early as the first century. »

Preparation for First Communion

Anna Wyszynska talks to Sister Irena Makowicz, USJK, director of the Catholic Primary School in Czestochowa.

Expel Christ from the history of mankind?

Wlodzimierz Redzioch talks to Rosa Alberoni, author of the book 'The Expulsion of Christ'.

The Italian writer Rosa Alberoni is a sociology professor at one of the Milan's universities. She is also a journalist and author of radio and television programmes. »

Hell and GOD'S MERCY

Milena Kindziuk

'Hell is the state of those who definitively reject the Father's mercy, even at the last moment of their life,' said John Paul II in one of his teachings. »

We are the people of the resurrection

Milena Kindziuk, Piotr Chmielinski

The first apostolic exhortation of Benedict XVI entitled 'Sacramentum caritatis' [The Sacrament of charity] is the continuation of his first encyclical 'God is love'. The Pope has presented the most important elements of the teaching of the Church on the Eucharist. »


Fr Antoni Tatara

Our reflections on pride finish the Lenten texts of 'Niedziela' about capital sins. It is worth humbly reflecting on our weaknesses and this is the best way to conversion. »

Repent, repent, repent!

Fr Aleksander Radecki

The fruit of penance can be a beautiful, calm life that is free from any addiction. And how can this be done? The simplest possible way is to begin with yourself, and to do it in a concrete way just now. »

Confession or psychotherapy

Milena Kindziuk

Today we see an increasing need to connect spirituality and psychology. But confession is something different from psychotherapy. »


Fr Jacek Molka

The ancient sages said, 'Nihil agendo homines male agree discunt', which can be translated 'Men by doing nothing learn to do ill.' Sloth leads man astray and sloth is a sin. »


Fr Antoni Tatara

Jan Izydor Sztaudynger (1904-70) wrote an aphorism, 'Where my lust reigns I, unfortunately, do not reign.' What has been said exhausts the subject. Lust wreaks havoc in the contemporary world. »

The way of the Cross through the city

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

During the Holy Week processions, the Ways of the Cross, wind through the streets and paths of Polish cities, towns and villages. One can observe a 'revival' of this service these days. »


Konrad Kluczniak

We often hear people saying 'I must have it', 'I must buy it' and we also say these words. It is greed that is usually behind this sinful desire. We continue our Lenten reflection on cardinal sins. »


Piotr Sosnecki

Envy is a mortal sin since it is the lack of love. We continue our Lenten reflection on cardinal sins. »


Jan Szymik

In Lent 'Niedziela' will help us make a specific examination of conscience of our daily lives. We continue the series of Lenten reflections on our cardinal sins. Now we are presenting another sin, which is wrath. »

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