On the ways of faith

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The Year of Saint Bernadette

Fr Jan Robakowski

The present year – 2009 – after the celebrations of the Great Jubilee in Lourdes is especially dedicated to St. Bernadette. »

The weapon of prayer

We have entered the new year of pastoral ministry that has the motto ‘Let us care for life’. »

I still get to know him...

Agnieszka Konik-Korn

When I phoned Ewa asking her to give her testimony about her way to Jesus she hesitated. She thought that she was not ready, that the process of her conversion had not been completed yet. »

Drama at Damascus: Saul becomes Paul

Cardinal Stanislaw Nagy, SCJ

During the 6th Days of Christian Culture held in Czestochowa on 20 October 2008 Cardinal Stanislaw Nagy, SCJ, gave a talk in the conference hall of ‘Niedziela’, entitled ‘ The drama at Damascus: Saul becomes Paul’. »

Prayer for the dead

Fr Ksawery Sokolowski

All Souls’ Day is a day of remembrance of our brothers and sisters waiting in the ‘vestibule of heaven’ – Purgatory to enter the house of Heavenly Father. »

Rosary portions

Marcin Konik-Korn

My grandma taught me how to pray the rosary. I associated the rosary with old ladies who always held rosaries in their hands at church. I always wondered what the sense of praying the rosary – repeating all over the same prayer – was. »

We have come to worship him

Edyta Kociolek

John Paul II said about the Three Magi, ‘They set out… with courage, taking unknown roads and undertaking a long and hard journey.’ Like the Three Magi we, representatives of young people from all over Poland, set out in August 2005 to the 20th World Youth Day in Cologne to seek Christ. »

We were joined by two Popes

Oskar and Edyta

We discovered the miracle of the World Youth Day in the year 2000. We went on a cycling pilgrimage to the World Youth Day in Rome to meet the beloved John Paul II. »

They want to carry the message of Divine Mercy

Robert from Krakow

The atmosphere during the World Youth Day in Rome surpassed my most daring expectations. For the first time in my life I saw that you could enjoy your faith; that you could show your faith during the preaching; »

'The secret of life is love’

Elzbieta Krawczyk

The Congregation of the Daughters of Charity of Vincent de Paul, commonly called ‘the Grey Sisters’ experienced great joy. On 24 May 2008 in Lviv, Sr. Marta Wiecka, belonging to the community, was beautified. »

‘I believe in life everlasting’ from the perspective of the encyclical ‘Spe salvi’

Cardinal Stanislaw Nagy, SCJ

The encyclical ‘Spe salvi’ is an exceptional treasury of the essentials of the Christian truth. The main theme of this truth, which the encyclical discusses, is Christian hope together with its versions, the so-called big and small hope. »

Resurrection as the foundation of hope for our life in God

Fr Jacek Molka

Does death end human life? Is there any afterlife? Or perhaps something or Someone waits for us? Since the very beginning people have asked such questions. Therefore, it is worth trying to answer them during the joyous celebrations of the Lord’s Resurrection. »

War and reconciliation

Piotr Chmielinski

Sometimes people wage wars on themselves and they always lose. Their organisms cannot stand the pressure, stress, and consequently, they suffer various kinds of pain, depression or heart attacks. Therefore, all those who wage wars are called to get reconciled with themselves. »

How to forgive others and change yourself

Piotr Chmielinski

I will never forgive you!, shouts a woman to the man who deeply hurt her. Her hurt is so serious that it seems unforgivable. Yet, we all are called to forgive people. How to do it? »

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