Procedure in cause of beatification

Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins

1. It begins with a petition to open a cause for beatification, directed to the right bishop. It may come from individuals or a group of believers. Then the postulator of the cause promotes inquiries.
2. Informative inquiries: revision of writings, printed and non-printed, of the candidate whose beatification is in question. He is already entitled to the title of Servant of God. The inquiries regard the reputation for sanctity. If it is possible, witnesses are called (confessors are excluded), and if it is needed, experts are called. The promotor of the Faith takes part in the process and he complies with formalities.
3. The discussion of the miracle is done independently of the consideration of the heroic virtues. The bishop, after having received the postulator's information about a miracle, verifies it with the help of experts and possible witnesses.
4. Once the diocesan investigation is finished, the documentation and the published works of the candidate are passed on, by some secure way and in two copies, to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, which prepares the so-called 'Positio', i.e. confirmation of the heroic exercise of virtue or martyrdom.
5. The results of the examination by cardinals and bishops, members of the Congregation, are presented to the Holy Father.
6. The Holy Father promulgates the decree - beatification of the Servant of God.

"Niedziela" 22/2005 - Czekamy na nowego Swietego Polaka - Jana Pawla II

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