'Beware of false prophets' (Matthew 7:15)

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

In the summer issue of 'Niedziela, in the part for young people 'Pokolenie', we write about sects that intensify their activities in summer months. »

Let us not let our lives pass in vain

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

The Pope encourages young people to be apostles of Jesus, to bear witness with their lives. »

Sexual revolution of Karol Wojtyla

Fr Andrzej Przybylski

In the 1960s the so-called sexual revolution was announced that meant complete permission to make sex freely, which was regarded as the most important element of love. A completely different revolution was initiated by a young Krakow's priest Karol who then became Pope. »

Adding my two pennyworth to the process of upbringing

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

We should react much strongly to all 'novelties' that are forced into the educational system under the pretext of wide opening to the world. »

Workshops about love

Agnieszka Bugala talks to Reverend Monsignor Stanislaw Orzechowski, the famous 'Orzech'.

Can we encourage young people to keep the law of chastity before marriage in these days when young people are being bombarded by sexuality? »

GENERATION - meaning whom?

The editorial board of 'Pokolenie'

On the second anniversary of the death of the Servant of God John Paul II the Catholic Weekly 'Niedziela' begins publishing a special edition entitled 'Pokolenie' [Generation], directed to the people who were formed by the Holy Father John Paul II. Do only young people belong to the JP2 generation? »

We were lucky to know Him

Fr Ireneusz Skubis

In 'Pokolenie' we try to present the most important contemporary problems in the light of John Paul II's teaching. »

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